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Friday, May 17, 2019

BodyRockTV Lisa Marie Featuring: Upright Row & Squat Jump and Try This Move to Target Your Underass

Ah, the underass. (yep we made up a new anatomical term) That bit of butt that just won't budge, no matter how much we squat, lunge and thrust. At the end of the day, the way your body builds muscle and where you store fat is roughly 60% genetically predetermined, so if you have trouble getting a perky peach, then a butt that you could serve canapes off of may never be in the cards. However, you can still improve your God-given assets with a little hard work. Hard work, and smart work.

About Your Ass

Your glutes are home to the biggest muscle in your body. They are comprised of three major muscles, namely:
The gluteus maximus: The biggest muscle in your body. Used to move your hip and thigh.
The gluteus medius: Partially covered by the gluteus maximus. Used to rotate your thigh laterally.
There are several other gluteal muscles, including the tensor fascia lata, the piriformis, the superior gemellus, the inferior gemellus, the quadratus femoris, the obturator internus, andthe obturator externus. (You can learn more about these muscles here.)
That's a whole lotta  ass,am i right?
The good news is that all you need to do to nail your under-butt is really target your glutes. Unlike many glute exercises (e.g. squats, lunges, deadlifts) which also focus on your quads, the exercise we’re about to recommend hones in on your butt for a deeply uplifting burn.

Core Band KickBack The key to making this move work super hard is in the core bands. Your bodyweight will only provide so much resistance and subsequently, only so much result. Concomitantly, it’s important to remember that your ass moves around your bodyweight all day, so it’s used to this resistance. To really see gains, you’re going to want to give it something else to work against. Grab the core bands. The benefit of these bands for this move is that you can scooch them up and down your thigh to easily and instantly adjust the resistance to fit your current abilities.
Quick lesson for those of you who haven’t had to help a grade 1 kid learn about simple machines lately: By keeping the load (the weight of your leg and the core band) closer to the fulcrum (your butt) you have to exert less effort to move the load. Move the band further down your leg, and you have to use more effort. Savvy?
Pro tip: To really make the most of the kickback, try it standing, kneeling, and kneeling on your forearms to maximize the gravitational load you have to lift.
It’s a great time to get your ass in this gear. Today only, if you buy a BodyRock Sculpt Bar with weights you can get Dumbbells absolutely FREE. Simply add both products to your cart for discount to reflect automatically. No coupon code needed.

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