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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

BodyRockTV Lisa Marie Featuring: Sandbag Upright Row & Push Up and The Latest Motivation Monday

BodyRock Sandbag and Dumbell Bundle

The struggle is real, friends. In our Motivation Monday stories, it’s easy to let the pictures gloss over the fact that these BodyRockers have done more than work hard for their stronger and healthier bodies: they’ve fought for them. They’ve said no to frequent indulgence and self-doubt. They’ve said yes to working out early in the morning, late at night, and when they really didn’t feel like it. They’ve ignored the people who told them to give up or tried to tempt them off-track.
What you see here looks like a miraculous transformation  — and it is, but the real miracle is in the dozens of little decisions these people made every day so they could stand here, sharing their stories, and looking as fierce and fit as they do. Let’s give ‘em all the good feels today!
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Meet Danielle

Since finding BodyRock, my mindset with nutrition and food has changed significantly. I am 39 years old and, today, I hit a HUGE milestone in my life. I hit my 80 lb mark. 80.1lbs gone forever. I’ve never posted my pics because I was always too embarrassed, but today, I’m so proud of each milestone I’ve hit since 1/1/18 (day one of my journey) and I’m going to post them loud and proud (as I sit here I with tears of joy 🤗🤗). My only regret is not finding all of you wonderful people sooner (rather than later). Thank you Lisa and BodyRock for pushing me that extra mile! You are such a great motivator and I am grateful!
Meet Rebecca

I believe some stories are better left unsaid for the sake of others feelings but at the same time, if left unsaid, you are letting down those that your story could possibly touch and change their lives forever.  I like to view my story as life changing, even if it is just one.
Many who know me know that I did not have the greatest life growing up. I was raised in a very abusive environment. Don’t get me wrong, there were good times, but way more bad. My stepfather of 22 years was extremely abusive both physically and mentally to my siblings, my mother, and myself. I have endured things in my life that no human being should ever have to. With the abusive came insecurity, I never felt I was good enough or anyone or anything. How I was treated at home and the environment I was forced to grow up in reflected in my friendships and relationships. I was bullied in elementary school for being that “chubby, poor” kid.  I dealt with this for a good part of my life.
I reached a point in my teenage years where I wanted out, I wanted more. I searched to feel the void of being wanted, being loved. That search again left me empty. Left me as a young, single mother at the age of 15 but oddly enough I was okay with this. My situation at home was so bad that deep inside I knew pregnancy was my key out; I knew my mom would have no part of my being pregnant and I would be kicked out.  So there I was: 15 dealing with yet again another verbally and physically abusive relationship with my child’s father. Living in low income housing (better known as the projects), collecting welfare and food-stamps, riding town buses wherever I needed to go, begging friends for rides to school so that my daughter could get into the school’s daycare as she was not allowed on the school bus. I mean, it’s not your typical fairy tale.
I wanted more, I knew I deserved more. Years went on and yes, I graduated high school. It was my #1 goal. I also continued to work full-time and provide a life for my child and me. I was depressed, angered, and hated the cards I was dealt in life. By this time, I was around 180 pounds. This, on a small frame 5’4 that used to carry 115 lbs before my daughter. I was taunted by my child’s father about my weight, who said things like “McDonald’s is calling me for advertisement”,  or “Pudliners says they're missing their cow” (a local butcher) — and this is just to name a few. I began to work on my weight, which brought me to about 165, and this is when I met my husband.
Throughout my years with him, I had such terrible self-esteem and a terrible image of myself  — understandably so. I began doing things out of pure desperation thinking that if I were skinny that I would be more liked and more loved (as if any single human being could love me anymore than this man already has). This kind of love was not “my normal”. I went from 165 lbs to 205 lbs then back to about 185 lbs after the birth of our daughter. At this point I developed an eating disorder, which brought me to 113 lbs in less than a year. I had no control over myself, food and calories and being “fat” at 113 pounds controlled my life — literally! I was at the lowest point ever but there was something left inside of me that was smart enough to know that if I didn’t get control of this demon living inside of me that I would not be around long enough to enjoy seeing my children grow into adults. Finding yourself on your bathroom floor in tears wiping vomit from your face while your child is at the door asking why you are taking so long and what is wrong is not a pleasant memory to live with. My husband tried to help me, my mom tried, my doctor tired and yet it wasn’t enough.  
God, it was then and only then. I was at church one evening begging the prayer team in uncontrollably tears asking for prayers and healing because I knew I needed help. This was several years ago and I swear just like that, it was gone! I knew with him on my side I was strong enough to overcome this and I did!  I know longer suffer from the addiction of food or wanting to expel my food in any fashion possible. I began working out at the gym with my husband and just accepting me, learning that it is possible to have someone love you just for you no matter what shape or size you are, no matter how damaged you are. My husband’s famous line is, “your forgetting I met you when you were big.” (Sometimes I like to strangle him when he says this!)
With the comfort unfortunately came pounds! I went from a frail, hair falling out, bones up my back to about 137 and I knew this wasn’t good. Not that I would go back to my addiction but that I knew I needed to start making smarter choices. After some years of working with an online fitness company I was back at it again, on fire!    Being connected with folks filled with the passion to be a better version of themselves, a more healthy, fit version of themselves. We were on this journey together and it was empowering! I have been part of other online fitness companies and none have given my what the BodyRock community does. Most fitness companies these days have a hidden agenda, most likely some sort of MLM that want you to sell their shakes and supplements to get folks hooked on consumables: not BodyRock! No shakes, no supplements just pure support! Lisa personally plays a key role for me personally. She is very hands on and cares about you as an individual. She reaches out to you, talks with you, and knows you! If you ever find yourself asking yourself “where do I begin” this is the perfect place! We are a group of individuals from all over the world connected on one common interest: to be the best, healthiest versions of ourselves that we possibly can be while supporting others along the way!
So no matter where you are in your walk of life, just know there is someone out there just like you and will help you all you have to do is ask. I did.
In order to grow we need to learn how to become vulnerable.  I’m so used to carrying my struggles on my shoulders and deep in my heart but all that has caused me is bitterness. I am not ashamed of my story: it makes me who I am today and the girl I see in the mirror today is a strong woman making changes one day at a time.
Thanks to my husband, and thank you BodyRock!

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