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Thursday, May 30, 2019

BBcom Featuring: Glutes & Deadlifts Workout | Stephanie Sanzo aka StephFitMum and Five Best Exercises For Women for a Hot Lower Body

 Powerlifter and Primeval Labs athlete Stephanie Sanzo aka StephFitMum love to train deadlifts. Today she takes you through a lower body glute focused workout. 
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 | Stephanie Sanzo's Glutes and Deadlifts Workout |
 1. Sumo Deadlift 
2. Box Squats 
3. Barbell Hip Thrusts 
4. Cable Pull Throughs 
5. Abduction Machine 
6. Lunges 
7. Lying Leg Curls

| Sumo Deadlift | 
1. Find Your Foot Position - Foot positioning on a sumo deadlift is more variable than on a conventional one, but you should set up so that your shins end up at 90 degrees when you begin to pull. An easy way to position your feet properly for this exercise is to look into a mirror, get into your starting position, then play around with different foot widths. Find the one where your shins are at 90 degrees to start the movement. For the sumo deadlift, you also have to point your toes out. How much will vary depending on your hip mobility and stance width, among other factors. If you point your toes forward, your knees will be in the way, and it'll be much harder to complete the movement. Your hand position should be a straight line from your shoulder down to the bar. 

 2. Get Set Up - The rest of the setup points for sumo are very similar to conventional. You want your shins at 90 degrees to the ground and your shoulder blades over the bar. Then, you breathe and brace, engage your lats, and pull the slack out of the bar. 

 3. Engage Your Lats - As with the conventional deadlift, engage your lats to take out the slack and visualize bending the bar. This should automatically turn on your lat muscles—you'll feel it. 

 4. Initiate The Movement - Unlike in conventional deadlifting, where you want to initiate the movement by pushing the floor away from you, for the sumo deadlift you want to initiate the movement by thinking about spreading the floor apart. 

5. Drive Your Hips - Once the barbell has left the ground, think about squeezing your glutes and driving your hips forward as you're pulling up, just as you would with a conventional deadlift. You should feel it in your glutes, hamstrings, and lats. 

6. Lock Out - Stand straight with your shoulder blades drawn back but without hyperextending your spine, just like a conventional deadlift. 

7. Lower The Bar - Lower the weight quickly but with control.

Five Best Exercises For Women for a Hot Lower Body

By: Flavia Del Monte

Whether we like it or not, women are genetically designed to be a bit bottom-heavy. And while there are rare times when this can be a good thing, normally these extra pounds are just one more thing we need to work on.

Whether we like it or not, women are genetically designed to be a bit bottom-heavy. And while there are rare times when this can be a good thing, normally these extra pounds are just one more thing we need to work on. But that's ok. Below, you'll find five of the best exercise for a hot lower body and all the information you'll need to get rid of that pear, apple, or other unpleasant fruit shape that's been preventing you from feeling your best.

Squats are great exercises for your lower body. They not only target your quadriceps, but they also get your glutes, hamstrings, and calves working, as well as your core.

How to Do the Perfect Squat
Standing straight, with your lower back naturally arched and your feet shoulder-width apart, hold your arms out at shoulder level, tighten your tummy, and hold it. Then, while continuing to hold your arms out and your tummy tight, push out your hips and bend your knees to lower your body as far as you can, until your hips are parallel with the floor. Hold it. Then, slowly return to the starting position.

The beauty of squats is that they're not only great a great exercise for your lower body, but they're super easy to do and don't require any additional equipment. Just make sure you have good form.

Want to burn fat while doing your squats? Add a jump at the end to increase your heart rate and start burning fat. By simply adding 10 squat jumps at the end of each circuit, you'll add 120 squat jumps into each workout. And when you're ready to turn up the heat, add weights to the routine and increase the reps you do each week.

Lunges should definitely be next on your list of the 5 best exercises for a hot lower body. They focus on your quads, but lunges also work the other muscles involved in getting a smaller backside: your glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Your hamstrings are the three muscles that start just under the gluteus maximus on your pelvic bone and run to your tibia. Normally, we think of them as being responsible for moving your leg back and bringing your heel to your bum. However, their main job is to slow your shin during rapid movement.

Step-ups look extremely basic, but they're actually great exercise for your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. And because you're strengthening your hamstrings, you'll increase the stability in your knees and greatly reduce your risk of injury. This is vital during normal movements, but it's especially important when you're working your legs and trying to melt the extra fat from your backside.

Hip Raises
Your glutes need loving, too. And some of us have glutes that demand a little more attention than others. So, if you haven't already, now is the time to get familiar with your glutes.

Your glutes include a number of muscles: the gluteus maximus, which attaches to your femur and runs along the pelvic bone crests, the gluteus maximus, which start on the pelvic bone crests and run to the side of your femur, the gluteus medius and minimus, which run under the maximus, and the iliotibial band, which is connective tissue that moves force from the center of your body to your leg.

This sounds like a lot of muscle, and it is! Your glutes are actually the largest muscle group, so you'll burn more calories than you will when working other muscles. They aso help you avoid getting a pooch by preventing your pelvis from tilting forward. This means you can burn more fat, but also minimize the look of the belly fat you already have.

Toe Hops
Made up of the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles, your calves are mostly responsible for extending your ankle, or plantar function. The gastrocnemius is a proximal and a media section located on the anterior side of the soleus, in the back of your lower leg. These sections start just above the knee and meet at your Achilles tendon, and are responsible for handling the workload when your knee is straight.

The soleus is located under the gastrocnemius and it runs to your Achilles tendon, as well. However, it starts just below your knee and is responsible for extending your ankle when your knee is bent.

These five moves can make for an intense session, but they really are the best exercises for your lower body. Before you know it, you'll toss out the control top pantyhose, stiff underwear, and the other fancy fabric contraptions you've been using to minimize the look of your thighs, and be wearing heels, stockings, skirts, shorts, and other sexy little numbers with confidence.

Flavia Del Monte is a Registered Nurse, Certified Physical Trainer, Certified Nutritionist and the creator of Full-Body-Licious. You can read more about her training programs, nutrition advice and workouts for women on her female fitness blog.

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