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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Good Cops, Great Cops Airsource Military Featuring: Military Working Dogs Training with Marines and Dog Obedience Training

Military working dogs and their handlers with 3rd Law Enforcement Battalion conducted training in the Central Training Area in Okinawa, Japan. The dogs ran through real world scenarios to improve their proficiency in tracking the scents of drugs and explosives while also improving their skills on patrol. Video by Lance Cpl. Drew Tech | III Marine Expeditionary Force / Marine Corps Installations Pacific continued below....

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 Dog Obedience Training

By: Albert Loubser


However, they can be your worst enemy sometimes.

Made up of guardians of livestock and property, police dogs, sled dogs and rescue dogs, these workers come in all shapes and sizes, from the standard schnauzer to the Great Dane. Images of dogs closely resembling these breeds are depicted on the walls of the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. Due to some unscrupulous breeders and unmindful owners, a few breeds within the terrier group have developed rather notorious reputations. These breeds generally and originally assisted hunters in the field with either excellent scenting abilities or incomparable speed. Dog breeds in this classification include:Afghan Hound, American Foxhound, Basenji, Basset Hound, Beagle, Black and Tan Coonhound, Bloodhound, Borzoi, Dachshund, English Foxhound, Greyhound, Harrier, Ibizan Hound, Irish Wolfhound, Norwegian Elkhound, Otterhound, Petit Basset, Griffon Vendeen, Pharaoh Hound, Plott, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Whippet. Unfortunately, these are the dogs you're likely to find at the local shelter or dog pound, often the result of accidental breeding between two un-sterilized dogs. These canine workers can round up both children and adults alike into corners or even tight circles. It now serves only as a loving, albeit somewhat deskbound companion. This group has a variety of both behavioral and physical-a history of hunting assistance often being the only regular bond among some of the hound breeds. They are the original hunting dogs, many pre-dating the gun-assisting hunters in their sporting group. But without the right training and socialization, and in irresponsible hands, these can be dangerous dogs. Sometimes produced randomly, but most often planned by breeders, crossbreeds result from the mating or crossing of two dogs with a different but identifiable lineage. Without the right training, some working dogs can be difficult to handle, even dangerous. That's part of the fun. It was created in 1983.

Most hound dogs feature hanging or pendant ears, while many terriers have semi-erect button ears in which the tips fold over and hang in a V-shape, partially covering the opening. Special taste receptors on their tongues are believed to allow dogs to recognize chemical composition variancessuch as salt and impuritiesin different water sources. Long Hair. The tongue is one of a dog's most important organs. If fingerprints are essential to us, human beings, paws have the same essentiality to our pets. Wolves have remarkably thick, two-layered coats to protect them from extreme weather. Among the most common varieties are the erect or pricked ears sported by many of the more wolf-like breeds, such as German shepherd and basenjis, and by semi-domestic canids, such as dingoes and New Guinea singing dogs. Button ears can been seen in Shetland Sheepdogs and many terriers. Even the size of a canid's ears plays a part in temperature control. When the animals become significantly warmer, either through a change in air temperature or through physical exertion, they secrete even more fluid than usual. Many of these products contain heavy amounts of chemically-created odors which can get to your pet right where they live - near the floor where most of these products are used.

Now, if you have your carefully selected dog already, one question lies before you:How does this dog follow my commands? What if he or she doesn't follow what I say You're probably training your dog improperly, and you don't know it. You will learn the whys and hows of the following situations:Barking All The Time - Halt this annoying habit and preserve silence Digging In Your Yard - Learn the easiest and most effective way to stop your dog from destroying your yard Jumping Up On People -Learn the fastest way to teach your dog to stop jumping on everyone they see Escaping - Does your dog always seem to find a way to escape or run away from his pen or house? Learn how to stop this frustrating and dangerous habit Constantly Whining - Does your dog whine for food or whenever he/she is put up? Finally, be able to stop this Going to the Bathroom Inside - Finally be able to teach your dog to stop this habit. You can leave him alone for hours in your home, even if he uses the bathroom. It's also guaranteed to be safe for your mutt.

 Author Bio:

Albert Loubser:-

Find out more through the Dog Obedience Training program visit this link

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