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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Test your skills with the Maryland State Police Fitness Challenge and Successful Fat Loss Program - 3 Must Ask Questions Answered

Do you think you are more fit than a Maryland State Trooper? Many in the public found out in October 2017. [Video Below]

Successful Fat Loss Program - 3 Must Ask Questions Answered
By: Jack John
This may come as a surprise... but very few fat loss programs result in success.

With obesity on the rise, the problem of carrying too much fat should be a priority. Unfortunately, even when men and women decide to do something about the extra fat they are carrying around... very few succeed in reaching their goals.The truth is, there are a lot of different fat burning diets and exercise programs out there. Then why aren't there more success stories? In this article, I'll answer 3 must ask questions before starting a fat loss program. (The answers could just lead to YOU being a success story!)

Question 1: What should an exercise program designed to burn fat look like?

When most people think of shedding those unwanted pounds, they think of aerobic exercise like jogging, biking and rowing. They heard somewhere that working out in their target heart rate zone burns more fat.The truth is, a successful fat destroying program should be a combination of resistance exercise (like bodyweight calisthenics or weight training) and intense energy system training. The resistance training creates an attractive, muscular body that is revealed after you lose the fat. The intense energy system training burns fat during the workout and for HOURS after the workout.

Question 2: Can you give me an example of a successful exercise program for burning fat?

For the resistance training portion of the workout, you should do a fast paced, full body workout such as circuits or super sets. Forget about the "bodybuilding" style split workouts that work some body parts one day and other body parts the other. If you don't have hours to spend in the gym every day, this type of weight training isn't effective.

For the energy system training portion, any type of "cardio" exercise will do, or you can use a combination of different activities. They key to fat loss is intensity. So, instead of increasing the duration of the exercise at the same pace, increase the intensity of the exercise.

For example, a lot of people start out jogging for 20 minutes and then increase the duration at the same pace to 30 minutes to increase fat burning. What they should do, is keep the time period at 20 but increase the pace.The best and most effective example of this is interval training. You do the activity at a high intensity for a short period of time, then either rest of perform the activity at a lower pace... repeating the intervals for the desired number of times.

Question 3: How can I get started a fat loss program now?

The best thing to do is look for an exercise program specifically designed for fat loss by an experienced fitness professional that is ALREADY getting great results.There are many to choose from.

The best advice I can give is look for the one that combines resistance training and energy system training as described in this article AND that fits your personality, goals and needs. Pick a fat loss program that you will actually do long enough to get results... and get busy today burning off that performance, health and appearance destroying fat.

If you are carrying around too much fat, you have to make a priority of losing it. Your performance, health and appearance is suffering. And if you ever want to feel better, look great and live life to the fullest... lose the fat!

Isn't it time you found the right fat loss program for you and got rid of the fat once and for all?

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