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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Preparing for a Police Psychological Interview and The Most Effective Stress Management Technique If you have been notified of a proposed PSYCHOLOGICAL DISQUALIFICATION, or if you don’t wish to be, we can help! Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq. Tel. (631) 234-4434 [Video Below]

The Most Effective Stress Management Technique
By: Valentina Kaltchev

Our reaction to something that threatens the regular functioning of our mind and body is called stress. It is present everywhere and is our companion for 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Negativity is the byproduct of stress and negativity will deteriorate our physical and psychological abilities and health. Stress also has its own partner and it is called pressure. Those two both impart inappropriate aura to all of us and that’s why it is important to manage them well. Mismanagement of stress and pressure can bring us all in darkness and doom. For us to be saved from stress and pressure, we must look unto the positive side of the world. We must be inspired by our dreams and our beloved.

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Despite the numerous numbers of stress management techniques and pressure relievers out there, its efficacy depends on the preference of a person. For athletics-inclined persons, they will probably choose to play the sports they love like basketball, tennis, baseball, and many more. On the other hand, others will take vacations and relaxations outdoor and out of town just to shake those negative things in life. For some stressed people, they also wanted to consult counselors and psychologist to seek for professional advises. Those who are from the creative sector, they opt to create music, songs, poems, and scrapbooks to express what they have in mind. You can also observe that other pressured people prefer movie watching, eating, or sleeping.

Don’t you know what most mothers do when they are stressed? Their perfect stress relievers are their children, particularly their cute little buddies. Babies symbolize love, happiness and innocence and I guess they are the cutest living thing on earth. You might be pissed off with their cries sometimes but common it is just normal. When you see their toothless smiles then it makes you smile as well. You can never afford to be annoyed to someone who appears like an angel to you, right? Remember, when babies cry it means that they feel different or bad.

Those cute little angels rank as the number one entertainer and stress reliever as well. We can experience a cloud nine feeling if we see them laugh and grin to us even if they don’t know how to talk yet. Treat your bubs very well so that they will grow up properly and will give you constant bliss and happiness in life. Give them food that has the complete nutrients from A to Z. Breastfed them or if not fed them with the nutritious milk in the world. Dress and accessorize them very well. If you are going to make your baby cry, then stress will surely come after you. Always bear in mind that crying denotes that your cute darling is in discomfort.

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