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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Yahoo Small Business-Mounting a Successful Email Marketing Campaign



If you’re someone who thinks email marketing and dial-up modems currently have the same degree of relevance, it’s time to adjust your belief systems.
Business email remains one of the most effective marketing tools extant. Boasting the highest ROI of all marketing channels, any promotional strategy you undertake should have an email component. The following insights are key to mounting a successful email marketing campaign.

Awareness of Audience Is Critical

A great place to start is surveying your customers to find out what they care about the most. You can also gather demographic data about them from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to determine their locations as well as their interests and other useful information. This will set you up to deliver messages that are interesting to them.  

Say Something Significant

Every interaction with members of your mailing list should contain something of value to them. The question in the mind of everyone scanning their inbox is: “Is there anything in here that can benefit me?”
When you take the time to get to know your audience, you can consistently send messages they find beneficial. Relevance equals engagement and engagement leads to conversions.

People Prefer Personalization and Stories

Everybody loves a good story. Rather than a dry, ”Here’s why I’m writing to you today,” craft your pitches around a storyline. Surprise your readers, delight them, give them a reason to smile. Most people buy based upon their emotional responses. Get them to feel something positive and they will associate those feelings with you. While you’re at it, employ as much personalization as possible. The sweetest sound in any language for most people is the sound of their own name. Personalized messages are also more likely to be opened.

Mobile Matters More Each Day

With the vast majority of people using smartphones to check email, your messages have to be formatted to work well in a mobile environment. When you’re composing your layouts, be careful to ensure they will play well on small screens. Additionally, before you broadcast, run tests on every mobile device you can find to be certain your message will display well on all of them.

Social Shares Amplify Your Solicitations

Your highly relevant messages are going to inspire recipients to share the information they contain with like-minded friends. Including social share buttons in your messages makes it easy for them to do so. This helps you generate positive word of mouth, which is the absolute best form of advertising.
These five tips for mounting a successful email marketing campaign will help you ensure your messages are opened and acted upon. Again, email remains the most cost-effective marketing medium out there—when employed wisely.
You’ll find all the tools you need to implement these tips, as well as take full advantage of business email at Yahoo Small Business. Try it today!

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