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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Miguel's Karate Training [Cobra Kai 1x05]

Miguel's Karate Training [Video Below]

Presented On US Sports Net By CoachTube Martial Arts!

Featured Course:

Joe Tyson: Master MMA with the Crew at Constellation 52 Global

About This Course: 

Want to learn the basics, then study the moves of the Master Boxers? Build your foundation with solid form, then Show and Prove your new skills. CONSTELLATION 52 GLOBAL presents this break through coaching course EXCLUSIVELY on CoachTube. Learn the styling of two of the best champions to ever lance up a pair of gloves.
Constellation52GConstellation 52 GlobalMMA Training & Fitness Training Facility
C52G houses a martial science program as well as a fitness program. We specialize in personal training, MMA training and fitness for youth and adults.

CHECK OUT THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: (Miguel's Training Music)

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