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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Shocking REAL Cause of Cancer Deaths! And We Cannot Cure Cancer Unless We Know What Caused it

Dr. Michael Farley talks about the damage caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. He shares an interesting story about a cancer patient and a student working under him and the difficult choice one had to make. [Video Below]

We Cannot Cure Cancer Unless We Know What Caused it
By: Alan Wighton
We all believe that to cure cancer all you have to do is to remove it. Of course doctors are very good at removing cancer but unfortunately with nearly 8 million people world wide dying from the disease every year there is obviously more to cancer than just using treatments that gets rid of it. That’s because our medical people aren’t addressing the reason or reasons why it first appeared and unless you remove those reasons, then it will only grow again and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

Our orthodox medical system with their drug base medicine uses treatments that are toxic and nearly always damages and weakens the body, whereas dealing with the reasons why cancer first appeared will aid the body to heal itself. Our orthodox system of treatments is a money orientated system with their patented drugs whereas no one can profit from natural ways to treat it.

Cancer is similar to a handful of diseases in the past which has plagued mankind such as scurvy, rickets and pellagra which were all deficiency diseases. The only way you can overcome these diseases is to correct the deficiency. The reason cancer will appear is when something has gone wrong with the immune system because it is impossible for a person to get cancer unless their immune system has been weakened.

The key to solving the problem is to not focus on the growth itself but to strengthen the immune system that allowed these growths to first appear and that means a change to a more healthy diet and a healthier lifestyle. That is the reasons why our current treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy often don’t work. Unfortunately there is no money to be made from treating the body naturally and that’s why it won’t be offered by our profit driven medical system.

Cancer seldom has a single cause but nearly always many contributing factors. A hundred years ago it was a rare disease but today it is different and it is caused because of the way we are now living. Our diets today include many processed foods and they contribute to cancer. Also we lead a more sedentary lifestyle thanks to motorcars and other labor saving devices and that also influences cancer. Then there are the chemicals we use, especially those we apply to our body and believing them to be safe and they do cause us harm.

We are what we eat, that is, our state of health is directly related to what we put in our mouth. Many people spend most of their lives abusing their bodies by eat junk food and not exercising then expect their doctors to give them a pill to solve the problem. There is no such thing as a pill to correct a problem caused by bad diets. To regain the health of your immune system which will eliminate cancer you need to turn to Mother Nature as only nature has to answer to your problem. There is no other way.

With cancer there has never been a quick and easy cure and there is certainly not a pill or a treatment which will heal anyone. It’s up to you to do something about it, not your doctor. Doctors represent the pharmaceutical industry and will only offer you treatments from those industries. They have a money interest in your disease so that is the only options you will be offered.

There is no point in weakening the immune system further in an attempt to remove cancer because that will only cause it to grow again. A much better way is to refuse any toxic treatment and instead treat the whole body which will help you overcome the problem. It works for all cancers and works for everyone.

Alan Wighton is an experience health researcher and has specialized, how a natural approach to cancer can have a far better outcome than our current way of treating the disease.

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