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Thursday, May 24, 2018

291st Military Police Company Weight Lifting Competition and The Quickest Way In Existence To Get Stronger chest muscles

Here is the 291st Military Police Company Weight Lifting Competition Video. [Video below]

The Quickest Way In Existence To Get Stronger chest muscles
By: James Frye

Best Workouts For Reducing Weight And Building Muscle

Strength training not only makes you stronger but can help you to achieve fat loss as well as tone up your hips, thighs and buttocks in the process. Would you like to find out why free-weight exercises such as the Bench Press can be so effective any time you want to get ripped? Keep reading:
  • Muscle is very active at the cellular level, even when you are resting. You heighten this activity during strength training, and, more importantly for weight loss, as you recover afterwards. When they restore themselves by way of protein synthesis, your muscles burn up calories from fat even after you end your workout.
  • Try to develop your chest muscles as much as you can, because the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. It makes no difference whether you're playing chess, or doing back to back sets of the Bench Press, or another physically challenging movement like the Board Press. Body fat, in contrast, makes virtually no demands on the metabolism.

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What is the optimal rep range to use in the Bench Press for pectoral muscles improvement?

Experienced trainers in explosive power sports, including Strongman Competition and Powerlifting, regularly make it their mission to attain new One Rep Maximum lifts. Newbies to exercising your body with free weights or machines should not have a shot at these kind of 1RM lifts as they can result in muscle tears. Nevertheless you can find on the web, sites that have specialized calculators that enable you to determine what your 1RM is, using repetitions taken to failure employing a smaller amount of weight:
  • Low Weight: 55% and below of one's 1RM. It is best to get at a minimum 20 reps of the Bench Press just before your pectoral muscles begin tiring.
  • Moderate Intensity: 50-75Percent of your 1RM. This is an effective way to increase muscle size and definition. Go with a load which allows about 8-15 reps on each set.
  • High Intensity: 70-100 Percent of your 1RM. Here is the low rep (1-5) zone that people in explosive power sports, like Strongman Competition and Olympic Weightlifting use to get super strong.

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