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We all know the booty is having a moment. Everywhere you look, girls are promoting their glute routines and posing with exaggerated arches in their backs. But other than looks, is there an actual advantage to having a big booty?
We did some research, and turns out, there are multiple advantages! Read on to discover why bigger really is better.
Less back pain – First of all, not all back pain is a result of weak glutes, but it can be contributing factor. Strong glutes support the back, so when they aren’t activating as they should, your hip flexors take over. This extra stress causes back pain and compression on the spine.
Increase athletic performance – Strengthening your gluteus maximus can boost your performance in almost any athletic venture: sprint faster, improve agility, jump higher, cycle more powerfully and lift heavier weights during squats and deadlifts.
Protect joints – Stronger glutes mean happier knees, hips and lower back. By controlling the movement of your femur during squats, jumps and hip extensions, your glutes help you maintain proper form, effectively protecting your joints from strain.
Improve posture – Thanks to desk jobs, many of us are guilty of poor posture. Reminding your glutes that they have a role other than your seat can help you stand up straighter, pull that core in tight and even look a couple inches taller!
Increase bone density – As early as age 30, old, damaged bone starts to break down faster than new bone can form, which results in lower bone density. Luckily, exercises that place mechanical stress on the bones, like lower body weight training, can postpone and even reverse these effects. The earlier you start incorporating them into your training, the greater their potential benefits.
Burn fat – Unlike fat, muscle is metabolically active, meaning that even when you’re not working out, your muscles are burning calories. In order to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit. Therefore, by building up the muscle in your glutes, you are increasing your body’s ability to burn calories, and with them, fat.
Stabilize the pelvis – When your core and pelvis are strong and stable, power is transferred to all the other muscles in your body. Your glute muscles stabilize and align the torso and legs while you’re running, walking and lifting. The stronger your glutes, the more powerful the rest of your muscles will be.

Prevent injury – If your glutes are not strong, other less-qualified muscles attempt to take over their responsibilities. When the hamstrings, lower back, quads and calves become disproportionately strong, your risk of injury increases. Plus, it can throw the alignment of your entire lower body out of whack, causing problems such as Achilles tendinitis, shin splints and runner’s knee.
Regulate your flow – Although we’re not sure why, we know that women’s waist-to-hip ratios correlate with the regularity of their menstrual cycles and the frequency of ovulation. Therefore, growing your glutes could help you regulate your cycle and increase your ovulation – huge benefits for any woman trying to get pregnant.
Boost sex appeal (obviously) – If all the looks you get on the street weren’t indicative enough, research now shows that a smaller waist and larger hip circumference acts like a magnet to the opposite sex. Instead of worrying about the number on the scale, focus on proportions and ratios. Strengthening and developing your glutes is a scientifically-proven way to up your sex appeal.
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