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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Minding Your Business! Varieties of (Physical) Banners

Image result for High School Stadium Banner
By: Liliana Garcia
A banner is defined as the flag to expose messages to the society along with the slogans, messages, signs or even with pictures. In recent years the availability of banners are required more in number due to the growth in businesses. The reason is because; banners are used in marketing than in any other field and the main purpose of advertising banner is to locate the company’s organization. Custom banners or traditional banners are used in public meetings, stadiums and in cultural programs. These custom banners are designed to withstand the elements and are installed using standard poles in top down style or in top bottom style. A well printed vinyl banner or flags are great ways of notification that stands as a landmark and a visual cue for the travelers. Banners and signs are of different types that can be varied as follows

Table Banners and Drapes:

These banners comes is wide varieties of shapes and can be used for indoor events for dressing up the table. At certain time, the front surface of the table can be covered and even the entire table can be covered. Thirty inches is the ideal height of the table banner and this banner can be moved from on table to another. The user should think about the limitations of the table size, so to prevent the banner from dragging on the floor.

Parade Banners:

Parade banners are also thirty inches in height, but vary in its width. Banners in this height enable the users to carry out them without any strain. Normally these banners come with sleeves and to bring the banners to the top, long poles are passed through those sleeves. This positions the banner to a high visualization that can be viewed even from distance.

Podium Banners:

The podium banners are normally small in size to fit it over the lectern and have the Velcro stripes along the top to get attached to the podium. The podium banners can be sized approximately by analyzing the dimensions of the podium to be used and therefore attaching it to front of the podium.

Step and Repeat Banners:

The step and repeat banners are used by the photographers as a background in specialized events. These are full colored banners and the logos of the sponsors are faced across the banners in a pattern ‘stepping up and down’. Step and repeat banner materials are usually lusterless, so that there will be less glare, in the photos.

Apart from these, the vinyl banners are especially inexpensive to the businesses or organizations to advertise their products. These photo quality durable banners are manufactured using PVC, used both in indoors and outdoors. This lightweight PVC mesh is a perforated material, which is seen used as theater backdrops screens or as scaffolding or building wraps. Vinyl banners are also extremely durable, with the ability to withstand windy environments, more importantly water resistant and flame retardant. Vinyl banners are more affordable, therefore used in more advertising to publicize promotions and events. Custom vinyl banners are used in sporting events, community events, trade shows and in retail advertisings.

The author of this article knows the importance of vinyl banners in marketing products. With her vast knowledge about printed vinyl banners, she has helped many people to achieve great success in marketing campaigns. When to comes to buying high quality vinyl banners, she recommends – the best place for buying vinyl banners & signs

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