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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE - 28 Pounds and Inches!

Lean Trim Diana Here!

Again! Summer is coming and we all want to look good in shorts, sandals, and swim suites. Some of us really struggle with controlling our eating and choices of better food. 
How can we achieve our goal(s) of weight loss? We do not make any medical claims.

This time of year is when everyone wants to lose a few pounds, to get ready for summer and no doubt there will be an array of diets in the media. Many of these diets are unrealistic for the average individual due to not being able to afford countless ingredients, having the time to make meals that require a a lot of prep is difficult, or the diets that restrict the intake of food can be hard to maintain. Not only are they unrealistic, but they’re incredibly bad for you. If you do manage to lose weight on them it’s only a matter of time before you put it back on.

So we all can agree that most people drink coffee and they want to lose weight. My way of reaching my weight loss goal is pretty simple. With our weight loss coffee, cocoa, keto creamer, trim help control your appetite, curb your snacking and help you choose better foods for you. With our products, I have been able to reach 3/4 of my weight loss goal of 40 lbs. Today, I am down another pound and that makes 28 lbs! Can you give me a "WHOOP WHOOP"!!! Being consistent is the KEY! Our weight didn't get high overnight, so we can't expect to loose the weight overnight! I've been drinking our products for 6 months to get my current weight. I am so happy I found our products. No other weight loss product or plan has ever worked for me. (Watch for my before and after pictures sometime this week.)

We all should get enough sleep too. Statistics say between 7-8 hrs a night, so drink our Immune drink at night to help us get the sleep we need and boost our immune system  too! Good sleep will help also help reduce stress and make you feel more energized and refreshed during the day.

Let me help! Go to

Here is Careylea's story and pictures:
Careylea - Hi! I would like to encourage anyone who is skeptical about weight loss coffee and products. I am proof that these products deliver health! I was pretty much confined to my chair a year ago. Severe arthritis caused great pain and sometimes hospital stays because of the crippling effects in my back and knees. I had eczema that required cortisone treatments and was on diuretic medication because of the painful bloating and swelling caused by oedema (water retention). If I was having a good day, I could walk with the aid of a cane. Today, I am off all cortisone, diuretic pills, rarely need a cane, and never swell up or bloat! My pain levels are way down and I have a new found energy and zest for life! And as a bonus, I have lost and kept off 75 pounds! Do yourself a favor, and give these products a try. What have you got to lose?

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