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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Truth About Cancer-Grab this for FREE Pet Healthcare Secrets and TTAC Cancer Survivor Story - Eric Vincelette - Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma

Hey Friends!
I’ll make this short and sweet.
My good friend, Ty Bollinger (from The Truth About Cancer) just finished filming a groundbreaking 7-episode documentary on the pet epidemic no one talks about…

Each year, over 6 million dogs and 6 million cats are diagnosed with cancer…
… that’s 1 in 1.65 dogs…
…. and 1 in 3 cats.
But fortunately, there’s hope.
In this 7-episode FREE docu-series event (called The Truth About PET Cancer) health and freedom advocate Ty Bollinger, and his team of the top 30 pet cancer experts and holistic integrative veterinarians – reveal the natural treatments and therapies that PROTECT and HEAL animals from cancer.
Click here to register for your FREE spot to watch The Truth About PET Cancer beginning April 4, 2018.
And when you register TODAY you get INSTANT ACCESS to Ty’s new eBook – Pet Health Secret’s Most Vets Don’t Tell You – also FREE!
In this groundbreaking eBook you’ll discover…
  • The true and underlying causes of pet cancer – and NO it’s not genetics!
  • The Pet Food Industry Scam that’s slowly killing your beloved pet – and what you can do to protect them.
  • The “miracle” diet that can heal your pet from cancer.  Proven in countless cases to work.
  • The simple steps you can take today to give your “best friends” a long and healthy life – 100% free from cancer.
  • And so much more!
I’m super-excited to tell you that Ty has decided to make Pet Health Secret’s Most Vets Don’t Tell You – a $19.95 value – available to our loyal readers 100% FREE when you sign up for Ty’s brand-new docu-series, The Truth About PET Cancer!
Watch the trailer, sign up and get your FREE INSTANT download – Click here
You’ll be glad you did,
Remember, you get a FREE copy of Ty’s new eBook – Pet Health Secrets Most Vets Don’t Tell You when you sign up for his FREE 7-part docu-series, The Truth About PET Cancer.  So please don’t delay. The docu-series starts April 4th. After that, the price of the ebook goes up to 19.95.  So get it now.

This is Eric Vincelette’s courageous cancer survivor story. Watch to discover what methods he found integral to his fight against multiple myeloma. For more incredible survivor stories Click here When Eric was diagnosed with Stage 3 multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells, he was told that it was considered incurable. He had a fractured T1 vertebra that the tumor had eaten away ─ one of the symptoms of multiple myeloma. An MRI revealed that his vertebrae had collapsed entirely. Watch this video to learn what his initial goal was and how it led to a whole new way of living. Discover how his Stage 3 diagnosis was downgraded within 2 years and how he attributes this to The Truth About Cancer. Using The Truth About Cancer (Global Quest) as a resource, he and his wife discovered a new world of options outside of traditional treatment like chemotherapy and radiation. Watch this video to hear Eric’s myeloma cancer story, his experience at CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico, and his advice to anyone diagnosed with cancer.

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