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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Lean Trim Diana Here!

Morning! Today is Double Whammy day! Here are two people and their awesome results on our weight loss coffee and other healthy beverages:)

TOM - It's time I share my before and current pictures. We started Oct 2015 on this journey, and now I'm maintaining my weight loss by following the same 12in24 Plan that brought on my lifestyle change.
Having to buy new clothes is a good thing. Back when we started I was wearing 40" waist relaxed jeans and now I'm wearing 32" waist regular jeans. Went from relaxed large shirts to fitted regular shirts.

There has been NO gym or any other work out program used to assist in this change. Just the three products of the 12in24 Plan.
When we started buying the products, our food budget was stretched more then we liked, yet we started. Now, our food budget has dropped by about 2/3 of what we used to spend monthly. Moral of this story, drop weight, get healthy, SAVE MONEY!

MEGAN - Want to keep yall posted on my progress 😍😍
When i started with the weight loss products i was always tired ( took daily naps ) i was bored eating, headaches, had cravings and had no energy to do much! Im in my 20s.....and felt like i shouldnt be tired to this extent lol!!! I even hired a trainer to help me lose, and i didnt even go 😣😣
I am so thankful I have aligned myself with this business! It saved me on so many levels MANY MANY thanks to all of you!!! 
I now dont take naps, i dont take pain medicine, have a huge amouny of energy, and its so amazing to be losing weight and inches.
I drink 1 coffee in the AM. Then once we launched the keto creamer, i now drink 1 coffee with 1 scoop keto in it.

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