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Saturday, March 24, 2018

CoachTube-Urban Meyer: Coaching the Wide Receiver

 Urban Meyer on how to coach wide receivers!
Coaching Receivers is a classic receiver course on principles, fundamentals, and techniques taught by one of college football's best coaches. The course includes two separate video collections that detail how coaches can develop their receivers—Fundamentals of Developing Complete Receivers and Receiver Route Techniques.

Fundamentals of Developing the Complete Receiver is a complete overview of the fundamentals and techniques involved in solid receiver play. Ideal for coaches at all competitive levels, this video explains and demonstrates the skills that receivers need to play to their full potential.

Highlights include:

Basic stance
Press-corner stance
Breaking points
Toe touching
Squeeze drill
Four basic top ends of the routes
Collision drills
Mirror-strike drill

Receiver Route Techniques consists of a step-by-step, visual overview of the fundamentals and techniques involved in running receiver routes. Ideal for coaches at all competitive levels, this video explains exactly how receiver routes should be run.

Highlights include:

Routes for medium-range passes
Routes for long-range passes
Vertical-stretch routes
The "9" or streak route

Book THE definitive guide for coaching receivers today!

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