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Friday, March 23, 2018

Nicholas Taylor - College Water Polo Recruiting Video (Class of 2019) and Above Ground Pools: All the Fun with Less Work

[Video below]-Junior Year Highlights

Above Ground Pools: All the Fun with Less Work

By: Jeremy Smith


Make the most of an above ground pool this summer. Never judge a pool by its size or height; an above ground backyard pool is simple to clean and easy to enjoy. Consider automatic pool cleaners to make life easier, and a floating chlorinator to leave in the water overnight. An above ground pool can be lots of fun and simple to care for with the right supplies.

Pool toys are a must for a fun summer in the backyard. Inflatable beach balls are ideal for simple games of catch; adding a net should up the stakes and multiply the fun from there. Water polo nets, floating basketball nets or mounted nets with backboards, and volleyball nets that cross the pool can get a whole group excited about playing watersports together in the pool. If keeping it simple sounds better, consider a football or soft Frisbee for a good old-fashioned game of catch.

Other games can be enjoyed in and under the water. There are lots of weighted toys available to help kids practice diving and swimming underwater. A set of diving weights or rings with point values can turn swimming practice into a competitive and fun game. Some weighted toys are even designed to be thrown from underwater, like torpedoes or submarines, and are great for helping kids practice holding their breath and opening their eyes underwater. There are also plenty of battery-operated toys that swim like real sea creatures. Use them to turn a simple backyard pool into an exciting undersea adventure.

If relaxing quietly in the pool sounds more just right, there is no end to the number and types of rafts and floats to pick from. Float the day away in any number of inflatable personal clouds: inner tubes, blow-up chairs, lounge floats, or a pool hammock. Foam noodles and other foam toys are inexpensive, and can also be used to stand in for rafts and hammocks. Let automatic pool cleaners do all of the hard work and just float the day away in peace.

Potential owners should not underestimate the health benefits of having a backyard pool. Swimming laps may not be an option in an above ground pool, but water fitness is. Consider exercising in the water for a healthy, low-impact workout using the water's natural resistance. Buying a water exercise equipment kit consisting of ankle weights, a weight belt, and some hand weights can really make the most of an aquatic aerobics exercise routine.

A pool is a fine excuse to throw a fun summer party. Try incorporating games for all ages, like a wet shirt relay in teams, competitive prize-diving with weighted toys, or games like volleyball that everyone can enjoy together. Let those automatic pool cleaners do all of the work before the party so the hosts and guests can spend the most time relaxing together.

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