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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Four thousand recruits are set to graduate from the Kenya Police training college in Kiganjo today. And A review of the police employment steps

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 A review of the police employment steps

By: Leopoldo Magnotta

In order to become a police officer, it requires a pretty exceptional individual.. It really is very demanding. And it's not straightforward.

So in the hiring process, agencies subject applicants through a number of requirements in order to make sure those agencies employ a person who is expected to do a exceptional job, and keep the agency out of trouble.

What is involved in this process?

The written application initiates the hiring process. A single job opening could result in many of applications. The department has to screen these applications seeing as it simply can't interview all applicants. A candidate is likely to be immediately rejected if they have any major prior acts like a suspended drivers license or previous serious criminal conviction. Though each agency does examine things a bit in a different way. Additionally, the agency might look at things like education, consistency in prior employment, and additional elements.

A written test has to be passed by the applicant. Frequently it is not just sufficient to pass, but to score high considering the significant quantity of people applying. These examinations focus on competencies like arithmetic, reading skills, grammar, and spelling. A written essay is typically expected.

The physical agility exam is also pretty significant. Candidates must be in good enough physical condition to carry out the position of a law enforcement officer. These exams include a number of obstacles designed to duplicate what an law enforcement officer could confront on patrol.

The most important part of the hiring process is almost certainly the oral board. Tough questions will are likely to be inquired of the candidate by a few members within the agency. Top applicants are invited to go further in the hiring process after a ranking based upon results of the oral interview.

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Each detail of the applicant's life is looked into in the course of the background check. Family, friends, co-workers, and supervisors are met with. Criminal reports are checked, as are financial records like a credit report. A confession of any prior problem is absolutely expected from the applicant. Any deceitfulness is expected to lead to immediate disqualification.

If a candidate makes it through the above, they'll usually have one more job interview with the head of the agency (Chief, Sheriff, etc.) or another top ranking member within the command staff. This meeting can help conclude if the applicant will represent the agency well, and if they are the best individual for the position.

A conditional job offer is often presented at this point. This allows the agency to subject the candidate to a pre employment medical examination and psych examination. The hiring process is normally concluded following these final steps.

At the time a job vacancy permits, a proper employment offer is likely to come to a applicant who has made it through all of the previous steps.

Is it over then? Obviously not. Several months of taxing work is in the future for the applicant at the police academy.

After graduation, it is time for the Field Training program where the new cop works with several veteran training officers. A decent number of new police officers do not pass this part, so it's not to be treated without respect.

The process is essentially finished once the cop finishes a probation period of 12 to 18 months, and has successfully finished the FTO program.

They're a law enforcement professional, and will enjoy the benefits, and need to deal with the duties, that come with the position.

[Video below]-Four thousand recruits are set to graduate from the Kenya Police training college in Kiganjo today. This will increase the number of police officers to 108,000 with 10,000 more expected out of the administration police and general service unit colleges next month. The ceremony is being presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta accompanied by Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet

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