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Friday, March 30, 2018

Police Officer Conditioning and Building Muscles Fast is Overrated

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Building Muscles Fast is Overrated
By: Terrell Johnson


Through the media you will find tips and tricks on how to build muscles fast. Sure, who doesn't want to have the best results as soon as possible? The thing that needs focus is the quality you put within the time to sustain your health by following your fitness goals. The purpose of my article is to inform the audience that it is not all about how fast you reach your fitness goals to be healthy, but how effective your preparation needs to be in order to meet these goals.

The Best Things Starts Small

In the gym all around you, it seems like people know what they are doing. Some people are lifting heavy weights or working hard in extreme levels of other equipment. The thing is whether you are fighting obesity or trying to get big, you do not have to do what they do to get explosive muscle gains faster. Trying to do what they do can cause major strains, sprains, dizziness, and exhaustion.

First ask your doctor about your health condition by getting a physical. Have a tactical plan on what you want your workouts like so it can fit around your lifestyle. Start light to see where you at and work yourself up until you have reached your max. There is a major difference between who can lift the most and to who is working the hardest.

Patience is Key

Everybody is different when it comes to muscle gain results. Just because one person can gain weight one way fast doesn't mean you will gain weight just as fast with the same method. Respect your body of what it can do and believe that you will get better in what you are doing.

Once you are done with your workout, stay finished for that time period. It makes no sense that you finish your workout and then you go do something else. Whether it is to show off, find your personal best, or just to do extra, don't do it, because you may be disappointed. Your body deserves rest and proper nutrition. The key to gaining weight determines more on what you do outside of the gym.

Whenever you hear that there are products that will help you build muscles fast in a certain amount of time, do not believe it. They do not know your body so they don't know how fast is fast for your muscle growth. In building quality muscle, there are no shortcuts.


It is okay to want the best results as fast as you can. Just do not have it as your ultimate goal. There are no shortcuts for muscle growth. Believe in yourself and not in what others say what is best for you. You control your body's pace. It is all about the quality of hard work and not about how fast you can pack on extra muscle. Also know for effective results it is not all what you do in the gym, but what you outside the gym like eating proper diet and giving yourself enough rest.

Terrell Johnson is an Online Entrepreneur and Certified Personal Trainer who builds the best services for general health and wellness.

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