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Friday, August 31, 2018

The Firefighter’s Workout | The New York Times

A workout designed to help firefighters stay heart-healthy focuses on functional fitness exercises like stair climbing. Here’s how members of the New Brunswick, N.J., fire department stay fit. [Video Below] Produced by: Colin Archdeacon

Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch

Tactical Workouts 

Why Millions of Homeowners are going for Modern Home Security Alarm Systems across the World?
By: Michael Harris

U.S burglary and home robbery crime data shows grave rates. It can give you stress if you look at it. But that’s how you would know that home security is a matter of serious concern. Our local newspapers are full of crime reports like home invasion, robbery, homicide, burglary and the list goes on.

According to an FBI report, 278,600 intrusions occurred after 6pm and 486,006 occurred during bright daylight in 2016. Many intruders confessed they prefer homes that have no security systems installed or are vacant for months.
Due to growing security concerns, home security has become a must for everyone. No matter if you own an apartment, a condo or a mobile home, buy a home security alarm system to secure your life and property.

Here are some other reasons why millions of homeowners are going for modern home security alarm systems:

1. Reliability
There is a huge difference between having an old traditional or a modern home security system at home. A modern home security alarm system is based on latest technology. It helps reduce problems that a traditional home security systems used to have. This makes modern home security systems more reliable and trustworthy.

2. More Options
Modern home security systems offer more options for the homeowners. There are plethora of security devices and equipment that are designed to make sure your family stays safe and happy at home. Home automation, home safety, energy management, home entry and medical aid are some of the equipment categories that best modern home alarm systems offer to users.

3. Tamper Proof
New technology has made it sure that home security devices are tamper proof. This was not the case before. Burglars could disarm traditional home alarm systems or mess with them easily. This is not possible in the modern wireless home security systems. They can’t be tampered by cutting any cord because there aren’t any wires. . Moreover, any attempt of trespassing can be detected and the invader will be caught in time, ensuring your protection.

4. 2-Way Voice Com
One of the most beneficial features of modern home security alarm systems is two-way voice communication. This feature enables you to talk with the monitoring person on the other side with the help of 2-way voice speaker and communicate your message timely. Suppose there is an emergency and all the home phones are blocked. So that’s one way you can use this feature if you need to deliver your message to the monitoring agents.

5. No False Alarms
Modern home alarm systems have reduced false alarm risks to zero. This means, you don’t have to worry about extra payments to the police and fire safety departments anymore. The monitoring agents would use 2-way voice com to confirm any alarm before dispatching first responders at your home address. Furthermore, the home alarm equipment is pet friendly. So, next time your pet won’t be a cause of any false alarm at home, thanks to the latest Passive Infrared (PIR) technology.

6. Maximum Protection
Innovative home security technology has made sure the protection of your home and family. Not only that, the devices are made pet friendly so that pet lovers can also keep their pets at home without worrying about false alarms and other nuisances. There are medical aid devices for elderly care too. This is to ensure their protection at home. Keychain remote and panic buttons are two of the examples of security gadgets that are best suited for seniors at home.

In short, modern home security alarm systems provide countless benefits for homeowners, which are the best way to keep your home and family protected from burglars and other bad guys.
A security specialist

I love acknowledging about home security alarm systems and products for the sake of better good to as many people as I can. Blogs and articles that I have written serve the #1 goal: Help to protect by literally spreading the word.

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