Kerby: It’s crazy to think we’re 81 days into this already.
James: It’s a countdown. You’re down to single digits now. Only nine more days before your three-month mark.
Kerby: Yes sir. That’s crazy.
James: It is crazy. So you got nine days to make some magic happen.
Kerby: Make some gains!
James: You’re on track. As long as you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re on track. Don’t do anything crazy. Don’t go home and eat a bunch of Hostess cupcakes or anything.
Kerby: Never!
As you may remember, Mike T has also set a goal for himself, however instead of trying to put on weight, he wants to lose weight. James gives him a call to keep him on track, too.
James: Your situation is a little different than Kerby’s. Kerby is trying to build muscle so his weight training obviously is a key part of that. For you, your priority is losing weight, so that HIIT workout, that’s the key right there. You’ve gotta get your cardio in, you’ve gotta get your HIIT workout in. No matter what situation you’ve got going on, like if you have to put Layla to bed and do it after, you’ve gotta get those HIIT workouts in. Otherwise, this is gonna fly apart, you know?
Mike T: Yeah.
James: You’re gonna be back in the same situation you were before. You were getting some workouts in here and there, but you weren’t accomplishing your goals.

When Mike misses one of these HIIT workouts, James invites him over for a dreaded HIIT workout with Annik. Will he be able to complete it? Watch the full episode above to see for yourself.
Games to Gains season 2