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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Holinka-Miklós Hanna - Basketball Recruiting Video for 2018 or 2019

I started basketball in 3rd grade and I’ve been playing for 9 years now. My hometown’s professional basketball team helped me start my basketball career. My main goals are to improve as a basketball player, and to continue my studies at a higher level, preferably in the United States, at a place with a good academic and athletic program. Regarding my studies, my primary goal is to reach a good score on the upcoming exams (TOEFL, SAT). I want to continue my progress as a basketball player, and ultimately earn a degree that provides me good professional opportunities. [Video Below]

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Read and React : 3-Player Drills for Building Disciplined Player Reactions

Coach Rick Torbett is known worldwide for the development of the Read and React Offense, a system for implementing 5-player coordination without the use of set plays.  

In this course, consisting of 64 drills, Rick Torbett will teach you 3-player drills that help build your player's decision making. Even if you're not a Read and React coach, these drills will help in developing passing, cutting, hitting cutters on the move, changing speeds and angles on finishing, being catch ready, feeding the post, ball-handling, and that's just in the first 20 drills!

This course was designed by utilizing drills that coaches have told us have worked with their teams in creating great player habits and decision making.   
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Rick Torbett is the founder of offering Basketball Instructional and Training Videos offering detailed teaching for coaches and players. Torbett is also the creator of the Read and React Offense, one of the most popular and successful basketball coaching series on the market.Find all his courses streaming on-demand, only at

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