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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

iHealthTube Featuring: Why You Should Skip Low-Fat and Use These Healthy Fats! Food and Weight Loss

Are we still feeling the effects of the fat-free and low-fat diet craze? Dr. Nasha Winters discusses what this diet fad did and is still doing to our overall health. She also lists a number of healthy fats that you should consider adding to your diet and others to skip.

Food and Weight Loss
By: Nikki Spears

Finding the correct information for losing weight can be difficult. (Read about "Obesity") However, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI acronym) suggests the following. (Of course, you should discuss with your doctor first.)

* Get up 15 minutes early in the morning and breakfast at home. Include fruit, bread and skim milk.
* Prepare a healthy lunch the night before. Include grains, fruits, and vegetables.
* Bring a fruit to eat as a snack during work. Drink water instead of soda.
Eat small portions at dinner. Add vegetables and a salad with low fat dressing.
* Walk or take the stairs instead of elevators

Eat a variety of foods. Choose foods low in fat and calories. For example:

* Skim milk (skim) milk or milk with 1 (one) percent fat
* Cheeses marked on the package "low fat" or "fat free"
* Fruits and vegetables without butter or cream
* Rice, beans, cereals, pasta and corn tortillas
* Courts lean meats, fish and skinless chicken or turkey

Prepare meals healthy. For example:

* Bake, broil or boil foods instead of frying.
* Prepare beans and rice without lard, bacon or other meats with high fat content.
* Use less cheese high in fat, cream and butter when cooking.
* Use cooking spray or small amounts of vegetable oil or margarine for cooking.
* Prepare salads with mayonnaise or dressings that are low fat or no fat.
* Decrease the amount of food served.
* Please do not repeat small portions.
Eat small meals and snacks during the day instead of one big meal.

Try to achieve a healthy weight and if you are overweight, try not to increase it. (Read about "Losing Weight") According to NHLBI, try to lose weight slowly. Lower half to one pound per week to achieve a healthy weight. A healthy way to lose weight is to eat less fat and calories, eating small meals and stay active. (Read about "Fitness and Exercise") However, remember that you should discuss this with your doctor first.

Speaking of weight loss diets, you should not be left with the idea that there are "bad" foods and food "good", the truth is that no food is good or bad in its entirety, you just have to learn to consume them.

Able to combine different foods can help enhance the capabilities of your body to burn fat. That is, we should not eliminate foods from your diet or make drastic cuts in the amount of calories, but we must learn to eat and enhance the benefits offered to each meal your body.

Find out how to Lose Belly Fat Fast

A list of foods that can help you lose weight:

* Eggs. The eggs have a large concentrated animal protein without the fat that comes with meat. Studies have shown that when people egg breakfast served with toast or cereals, tend to lose weight quickly.

* Skim milk. The combination of calcium, vitamin D and low-fat protein found in skim milk or nonfat yogurt promotes weight loss and helps keep your muscles in good condition.

* Apples. Eating an apple a day or two before lunch or dinner will eat less and acquire the necessary amount of fiber to feel with energy throughout the day. Apples are also antioxidants.

* Red meat. Red meats are rich in protein and help you lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.

* Cinnamon. This species has the power to metabolize the sugar in your body. Use cinnamon in your food will make this handle to get rid of all the sugar added to different foods.

* Almonds and almond butter. Although almonds are high in calories, are also very rich in nutritional benefits, so if you consume a moderate amount, will help you lose weight.
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