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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Minding Your Business-Facebook Advertising For Beginners

Presented On US Sports Net by Yahoo Small Business!
By: Jesse Grant

Facebook ads give online and offline business' a whole new venue to reach their customers via social networking. The best thing about facebook ads is that you can really target you audience and track the performance of your campaigns and clickthru demographics from within your own facebook profile. They seem to have made their approval system more easily for advertisers , which was reported all over the net the last few weeks. A month ago I could not get anything approved lol. This is very good for people looking to make some money and advertise their affiliate offers online

Here is a tutorial for beginners on how to affiliate market using Facebook ads . . .

First you are going to need a affiliate program that offers a broad range of ads you can promote. Two places I would highly suggest you join are MarketHealth and NeverBlueAds ( both are completely Free to join ) , They both have over a hundred differenet types of offers you can promote from different categories. You can simply redirect to these offers or create your own landing pages with relevant domain names, either way you are making great progress to making income online.

Your next step is to sign up for Facebook Ads in which if you are a new advertiser be sure to sign up for the visa business network on facebook and get your Free 100$ coupon code (currently the only coupon code really working)

FACEBOOK $100 COUPON. 1. Log into Facebook. 2. Click on this link to join the Visa business network. 3. The visa business network will then send a email to your email account (Your Facebook subscribed email account). 4. Log into your email and retrieve the code. 5. Log into your Facebook ads account and start making your Facebook ads account ,enter the $100.00 code near the end of the ad process.

Now your ready to Rock N Roll

The first step now is creating an ad which consists of an Ad Title (25 characters) , Ad Body (135 characters) and a small image that is resized down to 110x80pixles. As your building your Ad you can see to the right of the the design portion the progress of your Ad while creating it. Remember your Ad Title and Picture should be relevant to your actual product and make sure they are captivating as this is the most imporant part of the advertising to make it effective.

(the Ad above is not an ad I am running just something I put together for a sample)

You then choose who you want to reach demographically. You can select by location, sex, age, keyword, education, workplaces, political views and relationship status. As you tinker around and try to match your products perfect demographic target you will see that Facebook will give you an actual number on approximately how many people your targeting will reach. For instance if your Targeting fields are blank and you are from U.S.A you are currently targeting 39 million users, but as you start narrowing down those fields the numbers will decrease until you have targeted what you think is the perfect demographic for your product or service.

Once you have decided on your Ad and your Target Demographic, you just need to find out what kind of budget you want to spend for views or for clicks. Facebook gives you the option of purchasing by pay per clicks or impressions. The pay per click min is .01, but you will not see that much in the way of page views goes with such a low bid unless your advertising huggies diapers online lol. Paying for impressions will let you pick if you want your ad displayed in the news feed or on the sidebar in the ad space. Facebook will give you a suggested PPC cost which could be as high as 50cents , so I would suggest starting of with 5-10cents depending on what your marketing and then tweek your campaigns after you test them a bit. You can also set daily budgets so your campaigns are not running over the ammounts you want to spend.

Once your campaign is up you always have the option to pause or delete it., if your just wanting to pause it to tinker with the campaign or wait to resume it during key times of day when your ad mite hit more people then you can simply just put your ppc bid price down to .01 cents. You can easily access your Facebook advertising account to monitor statistics very easy rite off your home page to the right you will see your Ad Manager.

Currently you can not edit your ads but what you can do is below the ads you will see create a similiar ad in which you can start from an old ads contents and create a new ad faster. From what I have seen these ads do not need approval and are automatically running once made, which is pretty good if your always having troubles getting ads approved.

Well that should be enough information to get your Rick Roll on and start advertising online while there is an inbalance in the Facebook Advertising Platform.

Jesse Grant

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