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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Minding Your Business-Rules to Write Subject Lines

Presented On US Sports Net by Yahoo Small Business!
By: Khurram Zaveri

The subject line of the email message can make a real difference therefore you should write it carefully. These words entice your readers’ eyes and mind to open the email. Subject lines may make or break your email campaigns so you should write it carefully. A reader would judge whether he or she wants to read or delete your message just by reading the subject line. Here are some rules which may help you to create effective subject lines for your bulk email campaigns.

1. You should read your local newspapers to write better and attractive email subject lines. News headlines would give you an idea on how to write effectively.

2. Using the same subject line for all email marketing campaigns reduces their effectiveness. You should not go with the same subject line each time in your bulk email campaigns.

3. You should test style, format, subject line and design of your emails with precision. Take your time to test various subject lines and designs. Don’t test on large segments but try to test on small segments of your email list to know the actual impact.

4. You should write your company name in ‘From’ line because it will indicate to the recipient that you are legitimate. It should be your brand name or a name known to the recipient. Avoid using names of unfamiliar people.

5. It is recommended that subject line should be within 50 characters. It should be eye-catching.

6. You can personalize your email subject line according to the interests, preferences and prior purchases of your recipient. In case of prior purchases you should customize the recipient email experience.

7. Set a ‘call to action’ in your bulk email to create urgency as it will drive your readers to take immediate action.

8. You should avoid email subject lines with capital letters and excessive exclamation points.

9. It is not wrong to use the word "free" as it may create a sense of urgency. You should use it properly in your subject line or email message.

10. The subject line should lead the recipient towards the content of the message but it should not mislead. Don’t claim or promise more than you can deliver.

11. Review subject lines of past email marketing campaigns to get an idea that which ones work and which don’t

12. You should send bulk email messages frequently as it will improve your communication with potential customers.
Khurram Zaveri is a well known mass email expert. He is the creator of Spryka Email Charger, the bulk email software.

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