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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Jesse Duplantis 2018 - IT makes you think, imagine, and dream and Reconditioning Your Programmed Mind: Principle 2

Jesse Duplantis 2018 - IT makes you think, imagine, and dream [Video Below]

Reconditioning Your Programmed Mind: Principle 2
By: Joe Jacobson

We all have the ability to dream, or at least we used to dream. Maybe it has been a long time since you allowed yourself to dream big. Maybe along the way from your early childhood dreams, you had some disappointments. Maybe you didn’t have a mentor or supportive family upbringing filled with encouraging support. And when some of our dreams get dashed, we take that into our sub consciousness mind and from then on our actions in the future may be dictated by the past.

It’s time to take control back. Yesterday does not have to determine what choices we make today. As we begin to observe our early childhood influences, we can install new wealth files into our subconscious. With enough repetition, gradually we can take the control back so that our predominant thoughts are supportive of our highest desires for wealth and abundance. It takes constant vigilance, because every once and a while, the old programmed ways slip back in. With practice, we can learn to recognize when the non-supportive thoughts edge their way back in, and quickly, we can cancel those thoughts.

It’s no fun to live in mediocrity. Where is the adventure and excitement in that? It’s not satisfying to abandon your dreams, or to not even have any left. Give yourself permission to write down your big goals. Decide now what your annual income is going to be and your net worth will be next year. Set realistic, achievable goals with a specific timeline. Make it a stretch goal, and one that is not easily achieved. Shoot for the stars, and you will at least hit the moon.

We’ve all heard the statement "Be careful of what you wish for; you might just get it." This is so true, so intend to become rich and you will likely become rich. Focus on being comfortable and you will probably become only comfortable, but not rich. Concentrate your energy on just getting by and chances are good that all you will accomplish is just being able to pay the bills, nothing more.

It’s your choice. You determine the exact amount of money you create in your life. I hope you affirm that your intention is to become successful, happy and rich. And then just think of how many other people you can help that may not have the wherewithal to help themselves.

Joe Jacobson is a travel professional working with YTB Travel Network. His focus is on helping others start their own online travel business.

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