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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lindsey Hammar - Denver, CO Class of 2019 - Diving Recruiting Video

Diving recruiting video for Lindsey Hammar, Denver South High School, Denver Colorado, class of 2019. [Video Below] Contact Information: phone: (720) 341 5705 email:

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Functional Dryland Training for Swimmers

This video covers the LAPS training philosophy designed by IHPSWIM to ensure that your dryland program targets all the specific areas and movements of the competitive swimmer.The concept of functional training dictates that the body acts in movement patterns, not isolated muscle actions. Therefore our functional dryland training approach focuses on movement actions related to swimming, not isolated body-building exercises. Our LAPS training model has been developed and used over the past 15 years with great results! Don’t miss out on this DVD that will take your swimming to the next level.
Over 50 amazing exercises that are guaranteed to improve performance in the pool!
How to design your own circuit for your team if you’re a coach or as an individual if you’re a swimmer 5 circuits already designed and ready to go.
The most cutting edge techniques in the strength and conditioning today!
The methods we use to train swimmers from the developmental level to Olympic level as well as NFL, MLB, NHL and many other professional and amateur athletes.
DrylandTrainingGrif FigDirector of Education at the Institute of Human Performance and Co Founder of IHPSWIM
Grif has been strength and conditioning coach at IHP for over 13 years and has worked with swimmers that are ranked tops in the world, nation and state. In addition to his experience as a strength and conditioning coach he has also been involved in competitive swimming for over 30 years. After swimming competitively for 14 years, he then started his coaching career. Grif has 15 years of coaching experience coaching high school, club and college.
Fig received his bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University. He is a member and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He also is a member and Level II certified through the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA). Grif also has his Club Coach certification through USA Weightlifting.
Grif has been published by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American Swim Coaches Association. He has also lectured on several different topics related to strength training and swimming around the country. He has also done projects with Men’s Health magazine and other organizations.

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