Last month we brought you the true story of German Rios, a manager at Zona Fresca who befriended our VP of Sales, Whitney Reid. With a little guidance, a training program and a nutrition plan, German was able to transform his body.
But German isn’t the only person Whitney has helped reach their fitness goals. In 2014, Whitney stumbled across the Instagram account of Tommy Reamon, the assistant football coach at the University of Virginia. Whitney played football in Virginia as well, so the two exchanged a few messages and kept in touch over the years.
Eventually, Tommy inquired about BPI products. Whitney recommended the supplements he thought would be the most beneficial for Tommy’s goals. That was all the stimulus Tommy needed to kickstart his training. As a high-level athlete and coach, he knew exactly what to do, he just needed a little push.
“I have always been very active throughout my life,” says Tommy, “But after my college football career concluded in 2012, I started to let myself go, didn’t feel motivated, and slowly put on weight.”
After seeing pictures of Whitney’s physique, Tommy Reamon was inspired to get himself back in shape. He cut out fast food, candy, soft drinks and fried foods, especially fried chicken. He revamped his training program to include abs and cardio every day, whether it’s sprints, the elliptical or the Stairmaster. Last but not least, he incorporated Best Protein™, Best BCAA™, Best Creatine™, and RoxyLean™ into his regimen.
“The supplements gave me that extra push and motivation that you can’t get just from working out,” acknowledges Tommy. “My results are definitely more defined and I am proud to be a part of the BPI Sports family.”
Overall, Tommy’s transformation took about two years. He started at 266 lbs. and is now down to 200 lbs. His story is proof that persistence pays off! Stick to your goal and you will see results!