The highlight of this episode of Games to Gains is Kerby’s second weigh in. But before we get there, Kerby takes a minute to recognize the impact that James Grage has had on his life.
Kerby: Me and James had a really good talk on the beach yesterday after we got our biceps and triceps workout in at The Gym right there on Fort Lauderdale beach. It’s really cool to have someone there that’s like a role model to me who I can just talk to. He’s got a lot of good advice, he’s just got a lot of good things to say about any topic I bring to him. He’s got the right things to say, and it means the world to me to have someone there like that for me. I appreciate it so much.
Day 60 has arrived! Kerby is confident that he’s put on more weight, but what will the scale say? As James and Kerby make their way back to the scale in the warehouse, other BPI employees place bets on how many pounds he’s put on. Guesses range from 4 lbs. to 7 lbs.
Last time, the scale read 145 lbs. Kerby steps on the scale… It’s the moment of truth…. And it reads 144 lbs.! Kerby has actually lost a pound in the past 30 days.
Kerby: I’m a little discouraged. This sucks.
James: You sure you didn’t miss meals?
Kerby: I’m positive.
Later that day, James calls Kerby to review his nutrition plan.
Kerby: Hello?
James: Kerby.
Kerby: Hey, what’s up James? I’m at Mike’s right now.
James: Actually I’m glad you’re over there because I am working on nutrition plans for both of you guys, so need some info from you real quick and then from him. From you, I need you to look at your daily calorie intake. In order to make adjustments, I need to know right where you’re at right now.
 Alright, so I got 2,640; 2,710; 2,668 and then 2,600.

James: What’s your average protein?
Kerby: Alright I’ll have to call you right back.
However, several minutes go by and Kerby doesn’t call back.

James: He’s missing meals here somewhere. Stuff’s not adding up. Ya, it’s 780 calories short… now I’m actually feeling upset. A combination of disappointed and upset.
Where did Kerby get off track? Has he been missing meals? Watch the full episode above to find out.