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Monday, July 16, 2018

Joseph Prince Recent Messages Featuring: Joseph Prince - Win Over Fear, Discouragement And Depression Trailer and Why Men Divorce Women

Where is God when we’re afraid, discouraged, or burned out? Find the beautiful, scriptural answer in this three-sermon resource. As Joseph Prince draws practical and liberating truths from the ministries of Elijah, Elisha, and Moses, and from the story of the prodigal son, you’ll learn how you can: • Stay faith-filled in the face of your challenges and in the wait for your breakthrough. • Grow in stability and strength as you experience God’s kindness toward you. • Receive peace and practical wisdom for every situation and season. • Reign in life when you put guilt and condemnation at the foot of the cross. [Video Below] Discover afresh the Lord’s grace and love for you in your lowest moments. In Him, you surely have righteousness and strength to win the fights of life! Get the full series at: - Find us at:

Why Men Divorce Women
While women are mostly concerned about the emotional aspect of the relationship, there are other factors that can drive the men to seek divorce.

Why do Men Divorce Women?

There are times when a marriage just turns sour. However, there are times when the marriage may be working fine but men would want to opt out of marriage anyway. Each marriage has its own set of problems and while some men may choose to ignore these problems, there are others who seek divorce to feel more in control of their lives.

If you think that sex is one of the major reasons why men seek divorce, think again. Most marriage counsellors report that most men opt for a divorce because of a lack of companionship and not sex. Why do men divorce women? What forces men out of a marriage? We will understand the answer to these questions in detail in our next section.
  • Seeking Freedom

    Some men get into a marriage thinking that they this is what they want. However, at some point in time, they start missing their old bachelorhood days. Why? Because boys will be boys! Monogamy can be tough concept to deal with for some men. While these men may fare just file during the initial years of their marriage, the sense of being imprisoned in a marriage may set in after a while. Marriage entails a lot of responsibilities, which may leave little or no time for indulging in something that you may like. If the husband is the only earning member of the family, the responsibilities may be even more. These responsibilities take a toll on some men and they just want to break free from these responsibilities so that they can devote more time for themselves.

  • Fear of Commitment

    Men tend to have more fear of commitment than women. Some men try to overcome this fear by getting married but soon realise that they are unable to lose this fear. This fear is usually due to some deep-rooted psychological problem. An unhappy childhood or being raised in a single-parent household may be the reason why such fears develop. This fear of commitment leads the men to seek divorce.

  • Frustrating Marriage

    Some men try to give their best to their marriage but the constant quarrels and bickering can be disturbing. Some wives fail to be pleased no matter what their husbands do. Such relationships can seem very suffocating. Men, as a rule, have much less patience and ability to endure pain than women. Therefore, while some women may put up with such relationships, most men have no idea about how to deal with such bitter marriages. In such cases, men tend to opt for a divorce.

  • Midlife Crisis

    It is a known fact that most men tend to go through a midlife crisis. Most men do not know how to cope with this phase in their lives. They tend to feel that life is passing them by and need a major change to feel good about themselves. While some men just opt for buying a sports car, there are others who tend to re-evaluate their relationship to ensure that they are not missing out on something in life.During the midlife, most couples tend to be more of companions and sex may not be on the priority list. However, some men going through a midlife crisis begin to view sex very importantly. Lack of it makes them feel as if they are no longer in control. It can be very hard for the wives to deal with such an attitude. Therefore, misunderstandings tend to develop between the couple. In such cases, men tend to opt for a divorce because divorce seems to be the only viable solution. 

  • The Other Woman

    Even though a husband or a wife can initiate an extramarital affair, it is mostly the husband who tends to go astray. Some men tend to have an affair if they are having problems in their marriage while there are others who just opt for it because it provides a sense of adventure. Men tend to search for the perfect lover even after marriage if their needs are not being met inside the marriage.

  • Incompatibility Due to Different Lifestyles or Preferences

    People change with time and it is important for both the partners to understand this change. There are times when couples tend to fall apart because they just tend to get more and more incompatible as the time goes by. Their preferences, tastes, ways of seeking enjoyment, and interests may get extremely incompatible. It may become difficult for some men to even relate to their partner in such cases and divorce may seek like the only alternative.

      James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you want to find out more about a solicitor managed divorce see

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