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Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Rock Almighty Shaker Of Heaven And Earth! Jesus Season. And Seven Easy Christmas Party Games

  Happy Holidays doesn't even begin to describe the gravity of why we, the body of Christ celebrate this holiest of seasons prayer warriors.

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Thanks to the Skit Guys for our inspirational message this week.

Seven Easy Christmas Party Games (Part 1)

  • Author Andrew Low

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, when people all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus. They also spend some quality time with family, friends and other special people. And did I mention the Christmas parties?

Christmas parties are not always effortless to plan, but these seven easy Christmas party games will make it much simpler.

All I Want For Christmas is a good game to introduce everyone at a party. One player starts by saying, "My name is ... All I Want for Christmas is..." before naming an item. The next player then says, "All (name of first player) wants for Christmas is ... My name is ... and all I want for Christmas is ..." Successive player build up the phrase until one player cannot repeat the phrase and is out. The phrase is then started again. As an alternative, players may only be required to repeat the previous two player's answers.

Christmas Stocking Story is a fun, active game for younger children. Children are seated in a circle and given the name of an item that could be found in a traditional Christmas stocking, such as a doll, car, train, colouring book, etc. An adult story-teller begins to tell a story and each time their name or item is mentioned, the child jumps up, turns around and sits back down. The story-teller should try to ensure that each child's name and/or item is mentioned at least once. If the word "stocking" is mentioned in the story, all the children stand up, turn around and sit back down. There are no winners or losers in this game.

All Tied Up is an active team game for as many participants as want to play. They form two teams in circles, with one team given a ball of green twine and other a ball of red twine. On a given signal, the first player in each team winds the twine once around their waist and passes the ball to the next player who does the same, and so on. The first team to finish unwinding their ball of twine and is all tied up wins the game.

Christmas Treasure is an active yet quiet game for two players, both blindfolded. One is given a small 'Christmas treasure' such as a piece of candy. Both players start at opposite corners of a large table and must keep one hand in contact with the table at all times. The other player (the hunter) has thirty seconds to sneak up on the first player and touch him on top of his head, while the first player tries to evade the hunter. If the hunter succeeds, they get to keep the treasure; otherwise the first player keeps it. Multiple rounds ensure that everyone can have a chance to win a treasure.

In the final part of Seven Easy Christmas Party Games, we will examine at two quieter party games and a fun gift exchange game.

Our website provides details on these and various other easy Christmas party games.

Andrew owns Family Games Treasurehouse which has rules for over two hundred family games. Visit and sign up for our free newsletter to download our ebook, "25 Family Dice Games" or purchase our ebook "The Family Guide to Christmas Party Games" with twenty-four fantastic Christmas games. This article is copyright but may be freely republished provided the text, author credit, site links and this copyright notice remain intact.

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