Tim Roken - Building a National Program

by Southern California Football Coaches Clinic

Do you want to learn how to transform your team culture to develop your team to turn into a national program? Well, you've come to the right place! In this course, Coach Tim Roken delivers 5 Key Points you need to know in order to transform your culture and make your team great! He speaks on topics such as Program DevelopmentLeadershipCoaching Goals and PhilosophiesStrength and Conditioning, and Academic Support. If you want to create or transform a new culture for success and build a national-level program, then you do not want to miss out on this course. 

He begins the course by speaking on Program Development. For your program to be successful you need to have a mission statementobjective, and plan. These will help define your program, and your players and staff need to be fully on board. He details out what his team's look like so you can grasp a better idea of them or even emulate them. He even details out the importance of mindset training so you can get everyone on board to think and act like champions. Book this course......


Next, he breaks down the necessity of Leadership on the team. this can come in the form of your staff and even players. Every team needs some type of leader to be successful. He goes over the characteristics of a leader, the characteristics of leadership, and emphasizes the necessity of having a servant leader mentality. He is a big believer in teaching leadership through service. If you want to learn how to create better leaders on your team, then this course is a must!

Then, he gets into the portion of Coaching Goals and Philosophy. You need to have goals that will push you to always put in the best effort. Not goals that will be easy to complete or will definitely happen through the season. This will give your team something to work hard for and unlock their full potential. He details out goals for the staff, team, and even coaching philosophy that you can use this season or will help you come up with your own. 

Finally, he breaks down Strength and Conditioning and Academic Support. You need to have both a workout program and nutrition program for your players to make sure they are in tip-top shape during the season and can physically play to their best ability. You also need to help with their academics. Whether it is working with your athletes to make sure they have the GPA to be eligible to play or helping them with getting recruited to college, they need that support. If you're a coach who wants to create a better team culture for your team and program, then this is the course for you.  Book this course today!