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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Chris Beat Cancer Featuring: When people wrong you...remember this and The Struggles of Praying Everyday: 3 Ways to Boost Your Prayer Life

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The Struggles of Praying Everyday: 3 Ways to Boost Your Prayer Life
By: Christov Bryant

In the past, have you ever found it difficult to pray every day? It is one struggle that nearly every person fights all of their lives. If it interests you to come closer to Christ by praying perpetually, I propose 3 ways to give you the means to pray constantly.

1. Put It On Your Planner

A very straightforward way to integrate praying along with your daily plan could be to set a particular time and place to do it each day. Give it a place on your agenda. Put it in your iPhone or Google Calendar and treat it like any other appointment that you regularly schedule. This helps to treat it like a extraordinary task to complete and not only a thought or idea in the recesses of your mind.

TWO: Include It Into Your Daily Life

It's a lot more painless to pray daily if it's not something outside of your schedule. In addition to putting it on your daily plan, placing your prayer in your day so that it is part of your day is an incredible tactic. This can help you to create a custom of praying each day.

Here is an example schedule: Awaken, clean up, get dressed, consume food, get to your job. A lot of people go through this pretty much every single day. They almost never jump over a part of the routine. It is because they have included these actions into their day-to-day and it has become a habit. This can be done with prayer just by including it into your daily life.

The same routine can be enhanced with prayer: Get up, take a bath, put on your clothes, pray, eat breakfast, get to your job. This will allow you to develop the habit using the routine that you have already established.
3) The Buddy Technique

Finally, it is always very helpful to hold yourself accountable to someone else. In fact, they might want use your help too! Therefore, seek out a friend and put down a prayer goal. You don't really have to pray together, though that is even more powerful. You merely should check in and make sure that the other is praying constantly.

These three tactics are proven to help Christians to pray everyday. If you integrate one of these techniques you will see a difference in your prayer life. If you integrate every one of them, you will be praying consistently for a long time. Think about adopting these tactics and today could be the beginning of an improved prayer life for you.

Learn about an old prayer called the novenaNovena prayers can be downloaded at my website.

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