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Saturday, April 20, 2019

The IFL On US Sports Net - Week 9 | Iowa Barnstormers at Sioux Falls Storm Presented by Total Gym!

The Iowa Barnstormers face off against the Sioux Falls Storm in a rematch of the 2018 United Bowl in Week 9!

Presented on US Sports Net By Total Gym

Barnstormers at Storm Game Preview

Barnstormers at Storm Game Preview
The Storm look for redemption against the Barnstormers after losing their last two contests against them. The Storm and Barnstormers last faced on July 7, 2018 in the United Bowl where the Storm lost 38-42. 
The Barnstormers are coming off a dominant performance last week, in which they beat the Bismarck Bucks on the road 55-16. The league-leading Barnstormers defense shined all night against the Bucks, forcing five turnovers. The defensive backfield were responsible for four of those turnovers. Defensive back Tyrell Pearson had two interceptions and fellow defensive back Jourdan Wickliffe recovered two fumbles. On offense, quarterback Daquan Neal led the charge, passing for five touchdowns and rushing for one.
The Storm were on a bye last week, but their last victory also came against the Bismarck Bucks, 64-31, on April 6. The only loss for Sioux Falls came against the only other undefeated team in the IFL – The Arizona Rattlers. The Storm are led by quarterback Lorenzo Brown Jr., who has thrown for 16 touchdowns and rushed for 10 in six games. His favorite target is receiver Brandon Sheperd, who averages a league-leading 71.7 yards per game. The Storm's defense will look to slow down a hot Barnstormers offense that average 52.2 points per game.
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12 6 6 6 12
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2. 5 point jump (5 cones)

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