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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Chris Beat Cancer Featuring: Jane Barlow-Christensen on the Healing Power of Herbs

Jane Barlow-Christensen on the Healing Power of Herbs [Video and more below]
CHRIS BEAT CANCER: A Comprehensive Plan For Healing Naturally is a National Bestseller (USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly!) Get it on Amazon here: *Also available in audio book, read by yours truly. :)
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Natural Pain Relief
By: Karl Loren

MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, organic sulfur. When it rains, MSM falls on the ground and is used by plants. Your body needs MSM and contains some but, if you had more MSM in your body, you would endure far less pain and suffering from arthritis, back pain, Fibromyalgia and muscle soreness.

Vibrant Life has the exclusive license to represent one of the largest manufacturers of MSM in the world and brings you this wonderful substance at prices that are generally lower than any other source.

There are no additives or fillers. Purity is established at 99.5% pure MSM, by independent laboratory analysis, with 0.5% moisture. You should take about 10 to 40 capsules per day, or if using the loose powder take between 2 to 4 heaped teaspoons per day - enough to eliminate the pain. There is no toxic overdose.

Vibrant Life offers the highest quality MSM available -- plus we now have an exclusive new product we call Supportt™ Arthritis (Herbal MSM).

Thousands of years of Indian history with Ayurvedic Medicine and millions of people TODAY suggest that the pain and suffering from arthritis has been solved in India.

What is not much appreciated in the Western world is that Ayurvedic medicine is the most used medical system on the planet. For many countries emerging out of a third world status with today’s modern knowledge, Ayurvedic medicine seems far more attractive than the drug-centered, costly allopathic medicine of the West.

For thousands of years of Indian history Ayurvedic Medicine has been successful in the treatment and cure of ailments and disease. Now the combination of the already established effectiveness of MSM and the success of Ayurvedic herbs is conveniently obtainable in Supportt™ Arthritis (Herbal MSM).

This is the safer solution to arthritis pain that actually works!

MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane a very close cousin to DMSO. You take DMSO and boil it, and one atom of oxygen is added to the DMSO molecule, turning it into DMSO². This is "MSM."

DMSO is well known as a "carrier." By that we mean if you mix any of many other different substances with the DMSO, and apply this mixture (liquid) to the sole of your foot you will get a different taste in your mouth, in the same few seconds.

The difference in taste will depend on the other substance, which is added to the DMSO. This substance is carried very quickly through the body to the mouth to be tasted.

MSM has the same properties as DMSO on a more subtle scale. In the case of Supportt™ Arthritis (Herbal MSM), the powerful pain relieving capabilities of Ayurvedic herbs are carried through the body. MSM is a detoxifier and a "penetrant"!

You have arthritis and have tried taking drugs, they are not helping. You have noticed the warnings of the adverse side effects of prescription drug solutions. This is a dilemma that many are suffering with.

The body does not need drugs!

Virtually all medical drugs are designed around the concept that some germ or some part of the body needs to be suppressed or killed! Your body is NOT ill or is not in pain because of a deficiency of a drug! The body does NOT need drugs!

The body DOES NEED food, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, to continue living and to repair itself.

Ayurvedic medicine works on this concept. It uses herbs that are basically foods. The ancients observed for thousand of years, which of these plants, in what dosages, often very small, could provide the nutrition the body was lacking. Some of these herbs also assist in the detoxification. Ayurvedic herbs, if properly extracted, and also properly taken, are often at least as effective as prescription pain drugs, without the harmful side effects.

By combining this knowledge with the already established effectiveness of MSM, the marriage of Ayurvedic medicine and Western technology is now available in
Karl Loren is a researcher, writer and developer of unique vitamin formulations that remove heavy metals from the body. His products can be found at You can write to Karl at: . Other articles and ebooks by Karl can be found in his library:

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