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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bodycam Channel Featuring: Body Cam: Man Throws 4lb Wrench at Deputy, Get Fatally Shot. Presented by Tactical Workouts

PHOENIX --- Maricopa County Sheriff's Office --- Two officers who fatally shot a man after he threw a four-pound wrench at them had no choice about using deadly force, the sheriff of metro Phoenix said Wednesday.

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Deputies had done all they could Friday to calm 39-year-old Juan Torres outside his family's home in suburban Buckeye, Sheriff Paul Penzone said. However, Torres refused to drop the wrench and a ball-peen hammer, and officers fired their guns after he hurled a wrench at one officer who ducked but was still struck in the back of his neck, the sheriff said. Just after midnight Saturday, two deputies are confronted by Juan Torres, 39, seen on body cameras with a hammer and a wrench. Torres is also overheard telling deputies to shoot him as his family pleads with him to put the tools down so he can get help. "My perspective on what I've seen here I think that the deputies were in a position where they had no other choice but to respond with deadly force and protect themselves," said Sheriff Paul Penzone. Sheriff Paul Penzone says the case is still under investigation but believes his deputies followed correct protocol, once Torres threw a four-pound wrench. "I need sheriffs out here now my brother is trying to hurt us I need sheriffs out here now," Vanessa Torres could be heard saying on the 911 call. "I was the one who made the 911 call," said Vanessa Torres, the victim's sister. Family members say they feel guilty. Even though deputies had been to their home before, this time they believe Torres was truly having a mental breakdown before deputies fired 11 gunshots. Torres was hit seven times. "Treated him like an animal, that's how you kill a bear or something, 10 shots, 11 shots that's not right," said Irma Torres, victim's sister. The father of Juan Torres says law enforcement as a whole needs more training for situations like the one his son died in. "My son didn't have to die, they killed him," said Ricardo Torres, victim's father. "We are not experts in all fields, we are experts in public safety, there are dynamics that are infused into public safety that continue to grow and expand and out deputies and officers throughout the community and throughout the nation are expected to all of a sudden address and handle all these things effectively, that's unrealistic," said Sheriff Penzone.
Sheriff Penzone says Torres had been contacted in the past by law enforcement 22 times, 12 times with deputies specifically. The Torres family plans to file a lawsuit against MCSO. My entire channel has been demonetized. 👮If ever you want to encourage me you could toss me a 1$ or 2$ or more one-time tip if you want at .

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