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Monday, September 17, 2018

Police Activity Featuring: Bodycam Shows Grand Rapids Police Officer Shoot Charging Pit Bull and Dog Micro Chip - Dog Training

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Grand Rapids police have released the body camera footage of an officer shooting a dog. It happened early Friday morning in the 1700 block of Kalamazoo Avenue SE. Officers were called to the scene on a report of an aggressive dog chasing people around the area. Police said officers spent 30 minutes trying to capture the dog and to identify and get in contact with its owner. At that point, police say the dog charged at an officer in the street after it charged at a neighbor exiting their house. The officer shot the dog twice as it approached him. Police say the dog is still alive and has been reunited with its owner. [This Video and More Below] Donate to PoliceActivity:

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Dog Micro Chip - Dog Training

By: John Williams

You'd be surprised how many dogs go missing each year around the world when their perfectly good owner has a brief laps in concentration and the dog ends up running away after a squirrel or other animal never to be seen again.
You might think that it will never happen to you because you're too careful and never take your eyes of the dog, but believe me it will happen a lot quicker than expected and could have devastating consequences.
Although your dog might have run off and disobeyed your commands when they went this doesn't mean that you're a bad trainer or have no control over your dog, but these things do happen and unless your dog is an extremely well behaved and trained dog not much can stop them from chasing something when they're in the mood.
This is where the micro chip comes in; the dog micro chip is a small soda limed glass tube that gets inserted into your dog containing a chip, antenna, and capacitor. These are used together to hold vital information about your dog or the dog in hand so that people all over the world can trace the ownership of this dog back to you at your home.
The chip does not hold a complete profile of your dog but only a I.D. number that then gives access to the information via a database which can be reached from the majority of pet and dog specialists, kennels and shelters all over the world.
It takes just a few seconds to insert the chip and it hurts your dog no more than a regular vaccination procedure and for this your get the security and ease of mind knowing that your dog can be reached and found anywhere in the world, and for me that's worth it.

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