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Sunday, September 23, 2018

US Sports High School Football Update Featuring: De La Salle vs Buchanan (Clovis, CA) | HSFB | UTR Highlight Mix 2018 and Do We Always Train Football Players Wrong?

De La Salle vs Buchanan (Clovis, CA) | HSFB | UTR Highlight Mix 2018 [This Video and More Below]

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Do We Always Train Football Players Wrong?

Michael Boyle
I spent the first fifteen years of my career training football players. I still train them for the NFL Combine and in the off-season although I no longer train a college team. However, I can't tell you how often I have the same conversation with high school and college strength coaches.
The conversation goes something like this:
"Mike, I need a program. I need to get my linemen bigger and my skill position guys faster"
Seems like a logical request at first glance doesn't it. Linemen need to be big and skill guys need to be fast, right? Let's look a little deeper. Linemen are generally already big, correct? Skill position guys are usually smaller, but faster than linemen. Linemen usually like strength training but dislike running. Skill position players often like to run but, don't sometimes don't enjoy strength training. However, wouldn't we really want both groups faster? In fact, wouldn't linemen benefit more from speed work? Don't linemen have a lot more room for improvement in speed? Wouldn't strength training be the first step to increased speed.
I look at the initial logic and see some real flaws. We have big slow guys training to get bigger. We have small fast training to get faster. How about this? Lets get the slow guys faster? Even better, how about getting everyone faster. That would be good. How about bigger and faster? Wouldn't that be good? Have you ever had a football player get bigger and faster and realize it was a bad thing? I don't think so.
I think almost all football players should train about the same. Everyone should be trying to get as fast as they can and, as strong as they can with a few exceptions. The exceptions are based more on injury trends than on any other single factor.
The exceptions:
1- The extremely strong skill position player. We all have coached this guy. The fact of the matter is, this is the guy we are always trying to recruit and love to coach.  Keep reading....
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