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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

StrengthCoach- How Heat Therapy Could Boost Your Performance

Alex Hutchinson - 
In February 2014, the Canadian women's soccer team realized it needed more juice in the gym. So management called in an electrician to redo the wiring in the team's makeshift workout room in suburban Vancouver, to prevent two rented industrial heaters from blowing the fuses. “The plugs just couldn't handle it,” recalls César Meylan, the team's head sports scientist.
Then, for five straight winter days, Meylan put the squad through grueling 90-minute circuit-training sessions with the room kept at a toasty 95 degrees. Each player swallowed an ingestible sensor that allowed Meylan to monitor core temperature in real time, and he doled out brief periods of rest or snippets of encouragement to any player whose reading deviated too far from the goal of 101.3 degrees. That fever-like temperature, he says, “is the driving factor for adaptation.” Keep Reading.....
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