Beyond Harvard

Mark H. McCormack
One of sports marketing’s most influential figures, Mark H McCormack turns to his colleagues and competitors for this series of anecdotes that analyse how each contributor has succeeded, both in business and in life.
Covering everything from negotiating tips to how the rituals of sport can be applied to the business world, the book’s central theme is why it’s better for marketers to under-promise and over-deliver. Contributors include Billie Jean King and Sir Martin Sorrell.
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One Mission

Chris Fussell
A former Navy SEAL, Chris Fussell uses ‘One Mission’ to create a practical guide for leaders looking to build the perfect business team. Applying lessons learned from the battlefield, this book looks at Fussell’s ‘team of teams’ model and how brands such as Under Armour have successfully applied it to big business.
With practical advice on how to shift leadership behaviour, achieving strategic alignment and setting up an effective decision-making structure, this book will quickly find itself occupying a prominent position on a CEO’s desk.

Content: The Atomic Particle of Marketing

Rebecca Lieb
Navigating the world of content as a marketer isn’t always easy. Step forward Rebecca Lieb’s ‘Content: The Atomic Particle of Marketing’, a book that claims to be the definitive guide to content marketing. With experience working on major campaigns for the likes of Facebook, Nestlé and Save The Children, Lieb addresses the IT infrastructure, tools and processes needed to maximise the value of content in this easy-to-digest guide.

Perennial Seller

Ryan Holiday
Making advertising that truly lasts in the public subconscious is tough, but with ‘Perennial Seller’ author and former director of marketing at American Apparel, Ryan Holiday, claims to have the solution.
Looking at the strategies that underpin the creation of something that’s built to last, he studies the advertising classics of genres such as film and retail. Holiday asks the question: if something doesn’t go viral, has it really failed? And how can you create an ad campaign that is truly remembered.

Twilight of the Money Gods

John Rapley
This detailed book documents the evolution of economics from necessity to being seen more as a science and religion.
Analysing all the great economic prophets – everyone from Adam Smith to John Maynard Kenyes is dissected at great length – Rapley asks whether we must reimagine how we treat economics for a new era.
The book is also a great opportunity to educate yourself on how different economic mentalities have shaped and transformed the Western world.