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Saturday, September 29, 2018

US Sports High School Recruiting Updates From Under The Radar, Streetlight Recruiting, and Max Preps

Featuring Video Highlights:

#1 Ranked St. John Bosco (CA) v Undefeated #15 Ranked JSerra (CA) Trinity League SHOWDOWN HSFB - Highlight Mix-UTR

2019-Street Light Recruiting- BASEBALL-1B/P- Ivan Cornelius (6' 2''- 245) -Springville High School

CBS HQ Show with Zack Poff-MaxPreps

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Yale University Clinic 1999

Michael Boyle
Minnesota Wild Strength and Conditioning Coach Sean Skahan sent me this earlier this week, strangely after reading the periodization thread and rereading the Charles Poliquin article Variety in Strength Training. These were my handouts from a strength and conditioning clinic I spoke at down at Yale University in 1999.                                                                                    
                                                                                    Michael Boyle
                                                                                    Strength and Conditioning Director
                                                                                    Sports Acceleration North
                                                                                    50 Blanchard Rd.
                                                                                    Burlington, Ma. 

Designing Strength Training Programs- A Practical Approach for the Strength and Conditioning Coach
1)Basic Rules In Program Design
  1. A) Power + Multi joint exercises first
  2. B) Never more than 10 reps unless you want endurance
  3. C) Know how long the workout takes! Be realistic.
2)  8 Essential Components of a Sound Program
     1) Abdominal Movements
     2) Explosive Movements- Olympic movements, plyometrics or Medicine Ball
     3) Hip and Leg Push- combination movements dominated by knee and hip extension
     4) Hip Extension- movements dominated by hip extension, can be combined with                     
     knee flexion ( i.e. Glute Ham)
     5) Supine Press- bench and variations
     6) Overhead Press-
     7) Pullup/ Pulldown
     8) Row
3) Putting the Pieces Together
a)The simplest method: PRE- add 2 1/2 - 5 lbs per week to heaviest set
   - works extremely well with beginners, and may be all many of you need
   - can be combined with other methods
   - number of sets 2-3 per exercise after warm-up sets
   - sequence = warm-up set 1st,  heavy set 2nd, heavy set minus 5-10 lbs. 3rd
   - in theory you could improve 260 lbs./ year / lift with this method

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