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Thursday, November 23, 2017

'Weighting' For That New Years' Resolution To Start? Lose Weight The Right Way Now!

Number One Online Custom Personal Training Hitch Fit

lose weight feel great

Get Fit For As Low as $19.87 Per Week

Lose Weight Program

12 and 16 Week Programs Available
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-If your want to shed body fat and achieve a more fit and toned physique, improve your overall healthy and feel great about your body then our Lose Weight, Feel Great Plan is for you!
-We will teach you how to make healthy and positive changes to your eating and exercise habits and experience the freedom, energy and happiness of a fit and healthy lifestyle.
-Lose Weight Diets are balanced and custom made for you.
-Lose Weight Workouts include Strength training and cardio are progressive throughout your transformation period in order to get you to your goal as quickly as possible!
-This program is available for men or women, any age and any fitness level.
-Choose the 12 week program if you have less than 35 pounds of fat to lose.  
-Choose the 16 week if your weight loss goal is 35 pounds or greater.
-This Lose Weight Plan will Make you Feel and Look Great!!
– Estimated Workout Time Weekly Will Depend On Overall Goals and Time frame In Which You Are Trying To Reach Those Goals- Most Clients are Within 6-10 Hours Weeks Between Strength Training and Cardio.
Custom workout

Our Lose Weight Feel Great Program Includes:

  1. Custom Designed Lose Weight Diet– (You will Learn What To Eat, When To Eat and How Much to Eat as Well as an Approved Foods List with Amazing Variety)

  2. Custom Designed Lose Weight Workout (Can be at home or at the gym – beginner, intermediate or advanced depending on current fitness level)- (Each exercise has it’s own video demonstration within the plan so you know how to perform the exercise correctly) 

  3. Cardio Guidance – You will Learn What to do and How Much to do to Burn Fat Effectively

  4. Supplementation Guidance-(Supplements are Optional) Learn The Most Effective Supplements For Your Plan and Supplement Schedule

  5. Hitch Fit Book Download- 130+ Pages Of Inspiration

  6. Tips for eating out, on the go or traveling

  7. Mental Preparation Guide-Be Prepared Mentally to Transform From the Inside Out

  8. Maintenance Guide – What to do AFTER you have achieved your transformation

  9. Mobile Friendly- Follow Your Plan From Your Phone

  10. Email support weekly from Micah and Diana

  11. You Follow The Plan and You Will Transform Your Body and Life becoming the Best Version of YOU!!

Direct communication with Micah & Diana
Purchased a Plan?  Whats Next?
  1. After purchasing your plan will be taken to a Thank You page where you will get the Hitch Fit Questionnaire and Downloadable Hitch Fit Book ( if you did not see this page please email us)
  2. Fill Out Your Questionnaire and Take Before Pictures
  3. Send Your Materials to the Email Listed on the Questionnaire, We will Confirm that we received everything once we get your email
  4. Programs typically take us 3-5 Days to Complete
  5. If you sent your materials in and have not heard back or plan on doing the program at a later point please email us and let us know
Lose Weight Feel Great with Hitch Fit
“In the end I not only met my expectations but I surpassed them. I finished my program weighing less than I did in high school, but looking and feeling so much better. It did not just stop there as I now had the tools to keep moving forward and be the husband, father and person I have always wanted to be.”

Lose Weight Feel Great - Hitch Fit
“I like the new version of myself much better than the old version. I like feeling healthy and strong both physically and mentally. My transformation has made me realize that the dreams I had in my 20s, dreams that I thought had died, are still alive and waiting.”

Lose Weight Feel Great - Hitch Fit
“Hitchfit is not a quick fix, gimmicky fad diet. It’s a complete education. I would suggest that the fact you are reading this means that deep down you still have the belief you can get it done, you can! Do it, I promise your life will never be the same.”

Lose Weight Feel Great - Hitch Fit
“The entire experience was unbelievable. I had started many programs in the past but never completed any of them, and I had taken many ‘before’ pictures but this was my first ‘after’. I’ve always drawn inspiration from transformation stories and now hopefully I can inspire people with my own. I feel so proud of what I accomplished and I look forward to continuing this lifestyle!”
Start your Lose Weight fitness program from Hitch Fit today!

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