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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Save The Knees!

Deceleration Training To Prevent ACL Tears 

The Program Involves Training The Body To Decelerate Using The Proper Muscles To Prevent Season And Career Threatening Injuries. Available As Digital Videos Or Hard Copy Dvd. It Also Includes A Manual In Either Digital Or Printed Format.

Dear Fellow Coaches and Trainers:

Jerry Shreck
ACL Tear Prevention Program Creator
Hi, I’m Jerry Shreck and I’ve teamed up with Jedd Johnson to share with you a system I have used for the last 10 years that has developed into the most successful ACL tear prevention program available today. 

Let me briefly explain how this program came into existence...

In 1996, I was working for a high school as their first Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach. 

When I arrived on board, the program was a mess; the first year alone I saw 6 torn ACLs

I told the school administration that if we could commit all the teams to take up lifting weights that injuries would go down. 

They did indeed go down the next year, but 4 athletes still had ACL tears. 

This was unacceptable to me so I talked to everyone I could in the field of strength and conditioning and injury prevention for athletes. 

researched everything I could get my hands on, learning about proper warm-upsjumping drills, and posterior chain training

I applied everything I learned with my athletes and knee injuries went down again, but to my frustration, we still had 3 ACL tears that year. 

I left that high school for an opportunity to work at a Division I University as an Athletic Trainer. Although the athletes were much more developed and skilled, I still saw what I thought was way too many ACL injuries

So I kept researching and going to every clinic I could afford. By the second year there I was working with teams in the mornings in the weight room as their strength coach (they had no actual strength coach). 

At the end of my third year, the University built a new training facility and I was officially hired as their first Head Strength Coach. I knew with my knowledge of the body and talking with just about every strength coach, athletic trainer, and physical therapist on the east coast that there had to be a way to lower the percentages of sports related injuries, like ACL tears. 

Injury prevention became my top priority in the weight room

What I learned was that weight training was not enough. I discovered that the most effective drills involved completely re-training deceleration techniques in order to keep the knee stable and injury free. 

Training athletes how to properly decelerate their bodies led me to developing a proven system for Acle Tear Prevention. 

That's right - effective reduction of ACL Tears depends on your ability to Decelerate your body, and that is what we will show you in our program, Deceleration Training to Prevent ACL Tears. 

These days, ACL Tears are non-existent with the athletes who go through my program. In fact, in the rare case that an athlete in my school experiences an ACL tear, it is almost always a freshman who has not gone through the program yet. 

The bottom line is this: This Program Works for Me and My Athletes, and it Will Work for Yours as Well.

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