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Monday, November 27, 2017

Is Your Workout A Little Too Routine?

It's just another 'ho-hum' day for the unfit and those who have become overwhelmed by life's challenges. But not for you Athletes and Warriors! No we are not perfect, but we understand that like the the lump of coal needs pressure to become a diamond; challenges are necessary to makes us stronger, smarter, swifter, and better. So with that in mind here are a few tips to help your program progress from our friends at Hitchfit​.
-Coach Nate

Workout Routine

Is It Time To Change Your Workout Routine? You’ve finally found that one workout you absolutely love! Or, at the very least, fits into your schedule and doesn’t make you want to skip out on a daily basis. But what if it’s time to change it? How do you know when it’s time? Here are four signs that it just might be time to switch up your routine.
  1. Boredom – This is always my number one reasons for changing anything about fitness. Whether diet or exercise, if you’re bored, it will be much harder to stick to that routine and stay on your path of happy healthy living! Your body knows when other muscles need to start getting their workout on, and your boredom is the body’s way of telling you that. So get back to enjoying your exercise time with a new fitness plan​!
  2. No Visible Improvements – If you can’t tell you’re improving from week to week, then this is NOT the workout for you! Signs that you’re getting faster, stronger, and having more endurance, will be evident if you’re participating in the right workout for your body.
  3. Sore After Every Workout – Muscle pain doesn’t always mean you had a great workout. Sometimes it means that your daily routine is not leaving time for muscles to rebuild themselves. Consider lowering your weight count or simply adding in “treadmill only” day.
  4. NOT Sore After Workouts – If your body is never sore after you’ve hit the gym, then your muscles have already become accustomed to that specific routine! Instead of building strength and endurance, you’re giving your body what it thinks is a simple walk down the road. Switch up your machines and start alternating weight lifting days between arms and legs. Just make sure that new switch doesn’t land you back on to number 3 above. 😉
Wishing you had the perfect plan for your body? You can! Hitch Fit’s online personal training​ is available to everyone – at the click of a button! Let us help you get the right meal plan, the right workout routines,​ and the best team of encouraging people around on your journey to a happier, healthier you!

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