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Monday, November 20, 2017

[VIDEO] brutal Bulgarian split squat!

Hey there Athletes and Warriors!
Here's our Tactical Workouts Coach Joe with another unique twist to an already challenging exercise. Enjoy your gains!
-Coach Nate

Learn the best way to build stronger legs with the Dumbbell Overhead Bulgarian Split Squat.

This exercise activates your quadriceps and builds single-leg stability.

Because you’re holding the weight over your head, it’s tougher on your core and challenges your hip and shoulder flexibility.

Hold a pair of dumbbells directly over your head, with elbows straight and palms facing each other.

Assume a shoulder-width stance; with your right foot about 24 inches in front of your left.

Place the top of your back foot on a bench.

Brace your abs and drive your hips back to slowly lower your body.

Pause and then return to the start. Between reps, keep a slight bend in your right knee and tense the muscles in your right thigh.

Complete all of your reps on one leg and then repeat with the opposite leg.

*Coaching tip: The higher your back foot is elevated, the harder the exercise.

Also, unlike the regular split squat, where your back leg pushes about 50 percent of the load, the Bulgarian version uses the rear foot only for balance.

That means your front leg is doing the majority of the work.

Please forward this lesson if you like it.
Train hard and stay safe,

Coach Joe

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