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Friday, July 18, 2014

28 Day Flat Belly Formula (ends today)

First off, I just want to congratulate everyone who secured their spot in my 28 Flat Belly Formula program (beta group).

If you missed the email I sent a couple days ago. Here are the details of the program for you...

See, while working with a few of my fitness training clients I stumbled upon a faster way to burn belly fat and to flatten your abs.

So I decided to test out my new fitness discovery with a beta test group. And that's where you come in because I'm only taking on 19 people for this 28 day program and I'm charging a fraction of what I normally charge for my training programs.
  • I'm calling it the "28 Day Flat Belly Formula"
  • The entire program is only going to be 28 days long It's in the name
  • I'm going to provide you with a done for you meal plan crafted to help you increase your metabolism and burn more fat. (This is NOT a diet, it's a 28 day modified meal plan where all you have to do is read it, and eat it.)
  • You'll need to workout with me  3-5 times per week online, at your gym, fitness center, home, or favorite workout space, during the 28 day program.
  • The workouts will be challenging, even hard at times, but never impossible. And you'll always have motivation and accountability from me and the rest of the group via facebook, email, and phone contact.
  • Here's the best part... even though we're going to work on burning belly fat and flattening and defining your abs, we're not going to do a single crunch or sit up. (imagine that, a sexy mid section and a flat belly without doing traditional ab exercises).
  • At the end of the 28 days you should see weight loss of 12-19 pounds and flatter, more defined mid section. (you'll probably drop a clothes size or two)
  • The program starts this coming Monday
Now, typically my clients pay around $247/month or more to get personal training from me.

But since this is going to be the first time (beta group online) that I try out this program on "non-clients" I'm not going to charge anything  for the entire 28 day flat belly training program AND meal plan. That's right the entire 28 day flat belly training program is free and then it is only 66 cents per day if you want to continue burning fat and flattening your belly!

I decided to only take on 19 participants for the beta program, and since sending out the last email, 11 people locked in their spot leaving only 8 spots open.

If you want one of these 8 spots and are ready to burn more fat, and Flatten your belly starting this Monday then please click here and sign up to lock in one of the 8 remaining spots Thanks a bunch!

Nathan Lewis
US Sports Strength and Conditioning

P.S. Like I said, there are only eight spots left for the 28 Day Flat Belly Formula training program that start this Monday so click here  to secure one of the remaining 8 spots.
"I have worked with Nate over the past 10 years. I always know that he is up on what is new in the fitness world and will customize my workouts to what my specific goals are. Nate works with a variety of atheletes and makes sure they are getting the type of workout that will improve their ability no matter which sport they participate in. Not only is Nate knowledgeable in all areas of sport and fitness he provides nutritional guidance as well. Along with being a great personal trainer he always keeps you laughing during training sessions which helps the time go quickly and keep you coming back for more!"
Krista S.

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