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Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Rock Almighty Shaker Of Heaven and Earth Featuring Shout and The Most Offensive Company I've Seen as a Christian


The Most Offensive Company I've Seen as a Christian

  • Author David Jhonson

Before I found the Lord in 2007, I was clearly unaware of the numerous subcultures that exist in direct opposition and blatant offence of the faith I hold so dear. Being out of the Christian community also seemed to shelter me from the other extreme since I did not travel in these circles. However, I am compelled by the Spirit to highlight the moral degradation of society in hopes of compelling my brothers and sisters to moral and righteous action for the preservation of the standards that can only lead to a better society for all.

While we have all witnessed the immorality that runs rampant in the entertainment community, there seems to be a shift within the rest of the culture. Christianity is no longer attacked, shall I say, politely or quietly. The promotion of evil seems to be no longer veiled within music. The days of backward masking are over. Now it seems to be socially acceptable to launch a direct and blatant attack upon the values that made America strong in the first place.

Even the blasphemous expressions delivered by 'famous' figures such as Marilyn Manson, Aleister Crowley, Frederick Niche, and numerous others in times past would pale in comparison to those surfacing in these last days.

I stumbled upon an offensive t-shirts company ( last week that filled me with pity and sadness over the state of our culture. However, it also gives me hope all the more as we see the day of the Lord approaching.

It didn't take long to be utterly appalled at the blasphemy, heresy, and sickening filth that is sold by this company that seems to have a growing number of fans. The owner of the online store, Zeno Rossetti, does not hesitate (and even seems boastful) to share the story of his previous life as a 'Christian. While I am very doubtful that he ever knew the Lord at all, he is obviously convincing many ignorant followers of his Christian authenticity... and making money doing it.

The online apparel company offers their customers Personalized stickers, buttons, hoodies, and stripper clothes in addition to t-shirts and tank tops. While the satanic wears, inverted pentagrams, and sayings that promote depraved sexual fetishes pointed to the sick nature of their store... what really bothered me was their unabashed attack on the Word of God and Christianity.

My hope in highlighting the following t-shirt sayings is certainly not the glorification or promotion of debauchery, but rather to spur those who love our Lord to take a stand against such immorality... especially through the Power of Prayer. What kind of evil darkness lurks within this culture of depravity?!

They carry a shirt that says... 'I tried Christianity, but was tired of being a judgmental prick.' How can this be considered anything less than a hate crime? Furthermore... how could anyone even buy this shirt? It is obvious from this saying that the owner certainly never knew the love of the Lord.

While the shirt that declares 'F*ck Christ' is certainly repulsive, I couldn't believe that this company is allowed to be in business while carrying a t-shirt design that has a picture of a church with the words 'Got Matches?' underneath. How is this not blatantly promoting violence, destruction, and pure hate? This in not at all funny, humorous or a laughing matter in the least as so many of their fans seem to think.

I pray sincerely that you will seek the Will of the Lord as to how we may stand for Truth in these Last Days that seem to be growing so much darker as we patiently await the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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