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Monday, December 14, 2020

StrengthCast Featuring: How To Improve Your Tone, Strength and Flexibility and Full Body Mobility Routine | Cameron Yuen & RSP Nutrition


How To Improve Your Tone, Strength and Flexibility

  • Author Jeffrey Smithz

If you need to tone your body, or gain flexibility and strength there is no easier, low maintenance way than with resistance bands. Resistance bands can be used at home, or outside, and are convenient to take with you if you are traveling.

Everyone, from men, women, children, senior citizens, body builders, and even armed forces personnel are able to use resistance bands. Body builders, for instance, have incorporated resistance bands in their workouts for over a decade, using them to increase resistance when performing barbell lifts and to augment resistance for squats. They can completely replace pulley exercises, giving body builders the optimum gain for building muscle.

In this video, Cameron Yuen takes us through a mobility program that can be used as a warmup or as a separate routine.
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Resistance bands are also used in physical therapy to strengthen weakened areas that have sustained injury. Combined with light exercise, resistance bands get you moving freely again, and they are perfect for maintaining the mobility gained after physical therapy. They also work well with exercise programs, including Pilates and Yoga. They are designed to gently work you into the best shape without adding unwanted bulk. Exercises using these bands tone your body from head to toe enabling you to burn fat and tone muscle even in the abdominal region, which is where excess fat is usually found.

Resistance bands require no other apparatus - they are able to be used on their own. They are made from of high quality rubber and come in a range of resistances (hence their name!), and the easy color coding makes a workout with them a breeze, whilst enabling you to continue having success at achieving your fitness goals.

Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, however I can think of only one who includes a User Manual as part of a purchase and they are The User Manual not only explains how to use the bands, but also includes numerous exercises and instructions to work each muscle group.

Incorporating resistance bands into an exercise routine is super easy, and you don't need to learn any complicated new routines. The bands are cost-effective, and you save on storage space too because, unlike bulky exercise apparatus, the bands fit neatly into a drawer. Also, combining bands to create even more resistance and challenge your muscles even further is sometimes done, once your body becomes familiar with a regular resistance. They evaluate your range of movement and improve your muscle tone. Strength training reverses bone loss and prevents bone degeneration, whilst encouraging brain-boosting properties which can help ward off age-related dementia.

Muscle tone is a use-it-or-lose-it part of the body. Using resistance bands to improve your muscle tone is beneficial no matter how old you are. Toning enables you to burn calories more effectively and it helps manage chronic conditions such as arthritis and heart disease. Exercising increases positive mood chemicals from the brain, improving concentration and focus. The rewards of resistance band exercise are massive. Whether you are a trained athlete or a beginner, the bands can be used safely with no supervision, so there is no need for high-priced personal trainers!

Bands do not rely on gravity to give resistance. This promotes natural movement that you cannot reproduce with dead-weight bar bells. Twisting side-to-side, punches, kicks, movement that duplicates golf swings, basketball throws and baseball pitches are all more natural and effective when done with resistance bands, providing you with a constant free range of motion.

Overall, they are a safer way to exercise, and are an inexpensive alternative to add quality to your life.

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