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Monday, December 14, 2020

Tactical P.E. Presents Mixed Martial Arts May Very Well Be Great For Your Kids and Crowder Demonstrates PROPER BJJ Police TAKEDOWN!


Mixed Martial Arts May Very Well Be Great For Your Kids

  • Author Boris Basset

Mixed Martial Arts Can Be Very Good For Your Kids

While many parents think about what extra curricular activities would be great for their child, a lot of them never contemplated mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts is a good blend of a number of martial arts such as judo, jujitsu, tae kwon do and karate. They take time to learn, and before your children can move on, they have to learn the basics of one. (Continued below............)

Inspired by a recent viral police video... Crowder demonstrates the best (and safest) way to take down inner-city hooligans... like Smooth Manny. Get the LWC Podcast here.

(..........Continued.........)The question you may be pondering is why would mixed martial arts be beneficial to children? It is an activity that is great for the mental as well as physical health of those who take part, and that is what your kids would get. The intensive aerobic sessions can reduce the chances of your young ones getting cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Although it can be good for learning self defense, it does have an incredible impact on your child's health. When they have just a few lessons under their belt, you will notice improvement in their self confidence and leadership skills. As they know how to guard themselves, they could protect themselves from bullies.

One would assume that a young child that learns mixed martial arts will become violent but that is certainly not the case. Research has shown that boys and girls with no self confidence, no training and no discipline are the ones who start almost all fights at school. As a way of getting attention, these young children will pick on the weak and smaller kids. There have been scientific studies that show children with ADD and ADHD have benefited from learning mixed martial arts. The training in mixed martial arts entails plenty of repetition, which actually helps children with ADD or ADHD to stay focused when doing tasks. This helps them a whole lot later, as the symptoms of the two disorders are better kept in check.

Generally, any activity that your kid does, whether it is mixed martial arts or some other sport or activity will have a positive effect on them. Several research studies have demonstrated that mixed martial arts can help with a child's mental development and they will not likely grow up to be violent. Kids learning mixed martial arts will likely grow up to be model citizens who are dependable and compassionate. Your young children might like it, and it could be good for them, especially if they are lacking in self confidence and maturity. Look into the many gyms to find out what types of programs are offered for boys and girls. Watch various classes to find out what your young ones think, and what the trainers are like. This might not be something you want to force on your kids, but allow them to decide for themselves if they would like to do it.

Not all children even like recreational activity, not to mention something like mixed martial arts. It is probably best that your child does an activity that will not only be pleasurable but will improve their physical and mental well-being.

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