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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Bowie State Student-Athlete Spotlight - Tevin Singleton Presented on US Sports Net by BBcom

 BOWIE, Md. - Each week, Bowie State University Department of Athletics will spotlight one student-athlete or administrator in wake of COVID-19 pandemic that forced CIAA to suspend fall competition until the spring of 2021. This week's spotlight is the final spotlight of the semester and will feature Tevin Singleton, a standout football player, from District Heights, Maryland.


Singleton plays one of the most difficult positions in football: Defensive Back. It’s not a position many defensive players want to partake in, and if they do, many are not successful. Singleton, however, is different. He loves the position. His three NFL favorite players to watch are Jalen Ramsey of the Los Angeles Rams, Stephon Gilmore of the New England Patriots, and Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals. All three players are Pro Bowl defensive backs whom Singleton watches and studies often.


“Ramsey has this attitude of going into a game knowing his matchup, and follows the number one receiver every down through the game,” Singleton said. “Gilmore doesn’t talk. I don’t talk to people on the field unless someone talks to me, but I won’t talk back in the game more than likely. And for Peterson, he’s one of the most patient guys I’ve seen out of all my years of watching football.”


Singleton loves the challenge of being tasked to take away a piece of the opponent's offense by locking down the opposing team's number one receiver, just like his role models in the NFL. And according to his stats and accolades, it does not seem that opposing quarterbacks should want to throw his way often. Just last season, where the Bulldogs ranked 5th in the CIAA conference in total defense, Singleton had six interceptions (two of which he ran back for touchdowns), ranked fourth in the conference. He was named Second Team All-CIAA following the regular season.


Asked what Singleton fears most when matched against an opposing wide-receiver, he said, “Just giving up the big play.”


“That's the most difficult thing,” Singleton continued. “Because you can lock somebody down from one whole game, and then give up one big play….then the crowds can turn against you. And that play can stay on your mind throughout the rest of game. But if you do give up a big play, you just have to train yourself to forget about it and move on to the next play.”


In an interview with Bowie State University athletic department, Singleton discussed why he chose Bowie State as his college destination, what he plans to do after graduation, and more.


Tell me the journey of how you landed at Bowie State?

I come from Suitland High School, where I played Varsity since my sophomore year. In terms of recruiting, Morehead State and Morgan State came into play, but after doing my research on the schools, I was like, “No, I don’t want to go there.” I want to stay here close to my family, and Bowie State was starting to come up. I wanted to be a part of that because I knew they would be successful.


You were right. The football program at Bowie State has been really successful. When do you think this dominance was formed together?

I want to start in 2015. That team just gave us the stepping stone. And when Amir (Hall) took the program over, that's when we just followed behind him, and then we kept winning and winning. And now, we bring players and transfers who want to win.


Since the football season got canceled this year due to COVID, and since you’re set to graduate on Friday, are you allowed to suit up again for the Bulldogs next season?

Yeah, they told us that this year wouldn’t even count if we did play.


How did you feel when news came that the season would be canceled?

It was hurtful because, at one point, they said it was going to be pushed back to the spring. So, we settled with that. Then Coach Wilson told us we're going to push back to next fall. It hurt because some of us are in school for sports. That's our only way out, and it is what keeps our minds level-headed throughout the semesters. So it was tough to hear.


What have you been relying on with no football?

I've just been finding new ways to better myself in life; finding new ways outside of football to get my mind off things.


What are your goals for next year in your official last season at Bowie State?

My goal next year is to win the national championship. That's the only thing I have in mind. Of course, we want to win our conference, but getting that national championship would turn the whole campus up.


Are you excited to finally graduate soon?

Yeah, definitely. It’s a bittersweet feeling.


How has your time at Bowie been, and how have you grown as a student and football player during your time here?

It's been great. I wouldn't change anything about it. It's been the best college experience except for this past year because of the Pandemic. I've grown as a football player the most in terms of holding in my emotions more. I love football, so emotions come with it. But I’ve learned to control them better. As a student, I learned that you have to be on time for class. Professors don't care. You got to be on time no matter what.


When you say you struggle to control your emotions, that's interesting because I know defensive coordinator, Antone’ Sewell, is a pretty passionate guy. What’s playing for him like?

Coach Sewell is great. I had Coach Wilson tell us to take our minds to a Hawaii place whenever he yells at us. So that means not ignore him, but ignore him at the same time. Just listen to it and then focus on the next play. We never take it personally.


What are your plans after graduation?

So, I will get my undergrad in Business Marketing and then I will get my masters in Communications, just to put myself in better situation as I get into my career of owning a brand and stuff.


What is your dream job?

NFL, for sure. That's still plan A. Plan B is marketing and business.


Have you talked to Coach Wilson and Coach Sewell about your ambitions to play at the next level?

Yeah, they believe in me. That's all I want people to do. Just believe in myself. They give me the right steps to go in and I love them for that.


What do you like to do outside of football?

I like to play games: Madden, Call of Duty, 2K, Spider-man. And I like to work out.


PlayStation or Xbox?

Xbox, but I'm not one of those guys that be like, "Man, I only play Xbox". I can play both. I’m that type of person.


Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?

Hopefully I see myself in one of these leagues. The NFL, CFL, the new XFL or something. But also a big marketing firm for myself, with a clothing brand on the side.


Oh, you’re into clothes?



What intrigues you about clothes so much?

I think it’s a way to express yourself. Like, if you come out with some sweatpants, you know you on a chill type of day. Now, if you come out with a suit, then you mean business. Like they say, clothes show expression on a daily basis.


What is your style when it comes to fashion?

Since I’ve got to college, I have been more on the chill side. I wear sweatpants and hoodies, more than likely when it comes to school and stuff like that. But when it's time to pop out, though, I'm there for you.


Are you a Jordan or Nike guy?

I’m everything: Adidas, Jordan’s, Nike. Whatever the outfit calls for. That's the shoe I wear.


Do you have a favorite shoe?

Favorite shoe would either be the Yeezy’s or the Bred 11's.


If you could play in the NFL next year, who would be the one quarterback you want to intercept the most?

Tom Brady, for sure, that’s my favorite quarterback.


Last question: What's your message to the opposing offenses next year?

Stop throwing my way. Plain and Simple.

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